All Things Waiting.

Have you ever noticed how much you waiting time we have in a day? For me there's a lot...it's starts literally in the morning, waiting -

  • for the kids to wake up
  • for the coffee to finish brewing
  • for the kids to get ready
  • for them to buckle themselves in the car
  • for them to be dropped off/picked up/shuttled around

You get the idea. Alex, just by the very nature of being the oldest, gets out of waiting because he's in the participating role. But for Kata and Bella, there's a lot of waiting...and most of it is for Alex's adventures to come to an end.

Last night, I watched them waiting during Alex's swim lesson and I realized that waiting has a built in advantage. You can run, hop, skip and my favorite...imagine yourself in a whole new world...that you created for your own entertainment. Theirs was all about Barbie and the 12 Dancing Princesses. What could be more fun than that?

Wishing you a little more waiting today...see what you come up with all on your own.

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