All Things In A Jam.

Now that we have a Whole Foods (and oh, what a sight to behold with a fireplace and cozy couches by the entrance) in our neck of the woods, we have a Farmer's Market as well every Saturday morning. And guess what's in season?? That's right, peaches.

I was determined to jump into the genetic pool of my Baka's (grandmother's) jam making skills. She made all kinds of jams - berry, apricot, plum even watermelon. But, never as my mother reminded me, peach. Gentle Reader, why would that stop me? Nope, armed with the internet I located a seemingly innocent enough recipe for Spiced Peach Jam.

So still in my pajamas (we're always trying to be more colorful around here) and with my Little Helper by my side, I set about slicing, smushing, sterilizing and stirring.

Little did I know that Alex whose class has been reading the book Holes was intrigued by a character who makes spiced peaches. Hmm. It's made his experience even more surreal which is something I definitely strive for as a mother to an Imagination-Working-Overtime Son.

And in the end, after much stirring and worrying, I give you -

At this point, I should liken jam making to something pithy. So here goes. Given enough stirring and watching and waiting, things do eventually turn out alright. You can take the worry part out of the equation. Ken's laughing now because he'll tell you that I need that reminder every day.

Wishing you a sweet moment this afternoon.

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