All Things Swimmingly.

At the start of summer, Alex struggled with his swimming skills. The truth was that Ken and I enrolled him in all these sports but we never had time to pick up swimming again and it had been a few years. Last year at Boy Scout camp, Alex didn't pass the Water Safety Test and he was devastated. I mean truly shattered and scared.

This year, we enrolled him in a summer-long swimming curriculum. And Alex had to face his personal demons in the water. At first, he was very scared. I mean this was the kid who hated to be placed in a tub as a baby. He was the toddler too scared to jump in the pool even when the coach was standing there to catch him.

Well, 12 weeks of swimming lessons later, he was a confident swimmer and one who easily passed his Boy Scout Swim Test. It was worth all the tears and frustration to get him there. Do you remember a moment of childhood frustration? How did your parents help you overcome it?


All Things Middle School.

Another milestone for our family. The oldest kid is starting middle school. WOW. Look at all the supplies he needed. It's just massive compared to the crayons and one folder of years past.

 But he's ready. Kinda. And so are we. Kinda.

His one request was for us to NOT drop him off on his first day. Nope, this kid was going to ride his bike. I didn't shed a tear. I shed many. Fortunately Ken followed him to school in his car just because he was convinced that the handle bar was loose. And it was. 

But I stayed home with the girls and watched my oldest ride away to that new chapter in his life. I guess we still have many a hard lesson left to learn.


All Things I See London, I See France.

As a mom, you never quite know when you're going to have to teach a Life Lesson. They spring up at you and take you completely by surprise. Kata is now 7.5 years old and I'm trying to teach her the refined etiquette points in life.

For example on this beautiful, clear Northern Nevada morning, we experienced a naughty little zephyr. You know the kind that likes to lift your skirt at the most inconvenient moment? It was Picture Day, too,so naturally Kata was wearing a pretty dress. The kind that poofs up in the slightest breeze.

So the Life Lesson of the Day was how to hold our dress down so we don't have to hear a chorus of "I see London, I see France..." I know you know the rest. Wish me luck as I traverse these fine waters in Etiquette Land. Something tells me that it won't be my finest hour.


All Things Clear As Mud.

The Boy Scouts celebrated 100 Years of Scouting with a huge Jamboree which included Mud Volleyball. I truly have no words left to describe how I would so NOT do this, but both of my boys loved every minute of it. Yes, even Ken jumped in after snapping the picture. The small, pale kid in the middle there is Alex. At some point, yes, I did stop chuckling.


All Things SuperGrandfather.

The most magical times in our house are when grandparents visit. Here are Baka and Djedo who stopped by at a very important time of year. Per contractual agreement with my father, I'm not allowed to release his actual age. Trust me, I get it. ;D

Happy Birthday to our darling Djedo. The best father, father-in-law and grandfather in the world. No, we're not biased at all. Not one bit. Okay, maaaaaaybe just a little.


All Things Lion-Hearted.

Bella was thrilled because she brought home a coloring page with what she said was my favorite lion character of all time, Aslan from The Chronicles of Narnia. Note her happiness. I should've snapped a picture of my own smile.