All Things Cecchetti Method.

Since we switched ballet programs seven months ago, Kata's ability to follow instructions has really taken flight. The Nevada Dance Academy utilizes the Cecchetti method of ballet instruction. What I'm getting at is that it's all very formalized and structured and...Kata loves every minute of it (hmmm...a Type A personality like her mama???). And as a bonus, she's got French ballet terms rolling off her tongue. She corrects us all, let me tell you...Échappé sauté, indeed!

That's why we're there on Fridays between 6-7pm this summer. As long as she loves it, we will continue to support her. Personally, I hope she gets not just a love of dance but confidence and poise out of this. And fun. A sense that art and creativity, in whatever form you choose, is most of all fun.

As we celebrate this Fourth of July, we wish you a little fun...creative or otherwise! And Happy Birthday to my BFF in life, Ms. Lorraine...she's the one who pushes all my creative buttons in just the right direction...happy, happy birthday baby girl!

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