All Things These Are A Few of My Favorite Things.

I wanted to do one post for January, because our December was So Chock Full O' Stuff. And what better post than to focus on the one thing I despise about January. I'm sure you can guess. It's true, I hate the snow, the ice, the tediousness of school starting and then stopping so we can enjoy a plethora of Early Release Days.

But really, the thing that I Hate the Most is taking down all those Christmas decorations. I love when I hear of people leaving up their trees all year long. One day, I will be that person. I will also live alone, at that point, with one too many cats and way too many books. Wait, I'm almost there on the latter count.

But the ornaments I love the most are the ones that show our Christmas card pictures since the birth of Alex. Go on, look. It's the collage up above. Yeah, we've changed just a tad, eh??

Our other favorite ornament is this lovely Beauty and the Beast wooden heart. It's great because it plays the entire theme of "Beauty and the Beast" in a music box, high pitched, tinkly tone that used to make our cat pace and meow around the house. For the record, the dog, just ignores it.

But, the kids love to press it and for around four minutes we are treated to the slow, aggravating melody. There's no mechanism to stop it. And no, no battery. Groans can be heard from me and Ken with threats of "If you hit it again..." bouncing of the walls. Because if you do press the button again, it will, that's right, repeat. Yet, we hang it up each and every year because it was the first ornament I got when Ken and I started dating. I feel the "Awww Moment", don't you?

The Disney theme breaks here and there for kid inspired ornament art. Like my beloved Edward Cullen created by Alex just for his Mama and placed artistically by him next to Disney's Sleeping Princess. Because you see, Edward doesn't sleep. I realize that this only makes us giggle.

Sometimes, you get gifts from friends. When we adopted Becks, we received this lovely Bichon Frise ornament. The kids placed it next to the Prince Caspian ornament, lovingly created by a friend who knows me Entirely Too Well.

A certain friend will be surprised when she sees that I still have these ornaments that her Dad created out of McDonalds Toys. They are amongst our very favorites and represent Epcot's anniversary many years ago. Every year, the kids fight to see who will put them up.

This hand painted ornament arrived from my Writing Buddy. Isn't she talented? And not just in words.

So glad the process of Putting Away All the Stuff is done for another year and you know I'll be the first to squeal with delight when it comes time to put them out again this year. But for now, I am grateful that the picture below is a safely tucked away memory.

Wishing you a moment of perspective, no matter how grumpy.