All Things Golf In Miniature.

Golf is so popular simply because it is the best game in the world at which to be bad.
~A.A. Milne

We tried miniature golf today. And I took some notes on Things We Discovered While Playing Mini Golf -

Bella thought the dinosaurs were real. We had to point out that they were just plaster and paint. And then, she still wasn't sure. Apparently, learning to trust your parents is an acquired art form and one that doesn't hit you until you are well into your second decade in life. The latter I know to be true just based on my own experience. My own Mom and Dad can be used as reference for that process point.

Alex learned that hurrying the game just makes it end faster. See comment above on parental trust process.

Kata discovered that patience means waiting your turn and chasing a silly, although pink, ball around may be worth its while, even if you have to wait.

And then we had ice cream...before dinner. Because it's summer. And because we were hot. And because we're parents and sometimes we bend the rules. Oh for the record, it was frozen yogurt. So that makes it alright...doesn't it?? And perhaps that's why that parental trust takes so long. We do make things up as we go and bend the rules on occasion. File Under - Things We Need to Revisit Before We End Up on Dr. Phil's Show.

Please, have a moment this weekend where you bend the rules, if only just a little, teeny, eensy-weensy, almost unnoticeable tiny bit.

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