All Things Sand Trap.

We enjoyed the Reno Philharmonic Orchestra at Montreux Country Club late yesterday afternoon. It was an amazingly beautiful location, nestled right in the tree line at the base of Mt. Rose.

Thanks to the Reno Tahoe Moms, the kids all got their own shovel and pail and the opportunity to play in the sand traps. Just think, next weekend, the Legends Reno-Tahoe Open will be played on that very same course. File under -things that Bella and Kata will have in common with Michelle Wie.

And then this Mama had to take more and more pictures. Of our picnic. And our miserable, little faces because we didn't want to get out of that sand in order to hear lovely classical music and be elegant and civil.

We moved up on the course to get away from the creeping afternoon sun and glare. And we ended up behind the orchestra's tent. And everything was absolutely better and more energetic.

So we danced...that's right, like no one was watching...or like thousands were watching.

And we sat and enjoyed the amazing performance. The kids recognized Tchaikovsky's version of "Romeo and Juliet"...thank you "Little Einsteins."

And then, that was that. We headed home to our little corner of the woods. Or in our case, marsh land.

Wishing you a moment filled with fresh air and greenery and oh, yes...a little sand, please. We're still finding our little grains everywhere.

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