All Things Pickle

Kata had to write about a Holiday Family Tradition. We have many, many traditions. But our very own was started with a Pickle Ornament I found at Tarjay.

I don't hang this ornament until late on Christmas Eve and the first kid to find it on Christmas morning gets to open their present first.

You can imagine the frenzy associated with the search. Here's a link to the origin of the tradition.


All Things Thankful

Love our traditions like Riggsby Blueberry pie for Thanksgiving. Can't let pumpkin pie be the runaway favorite. And family. We love having Baka and Djedo here to join us on this holiday and remind us of all the things that make us thankful this year.


All Things Looks Pretty From Far Away

There are things that look gorgeous from far away...like snow.


All Things Oh No, Not Another Holiday Card Photo Session

It was a relatively mild early afternoon and I thought, ohdearIhavetogetthedarnfamilychristmascardphotodone. This year, I wanted to take the photo myself. So 214 shots later, here are the better ones...kinda.

When shooting three kids, you are almost always doomed because SOMEONE has to laugh...

Or make an awkward face...

Here's the card we sent out...the magic moment where all were looking at the camera at once and not grimacing. Well, almost not grimacing.


All Things Must Come to an End

Alex and I are so excited to see Harry Potter 7.2. It's sad to think that this will be the very last one. But, before that we have "Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader". You all know how very much we're looking forward to that movie.

Kata and I are also looking forward to Disney Channel's "Avalon High". It's based on Meg Cabot's book and hey, anything with the Arthur legend in it has got to be good, right?

So once again we learn that while one thing may end, there are other things to look forward to in the coming weeks and months.


All Things First Snowfall.

It's that time of year when amidst the golden colors of autumn, we begin to see white.

And we put on those parkas for the very first time.

That first snowfall is always so full of promise and hope. Promise that it won't stay long and hope that it'll be a mild winter.


All Things Trendy

There are hairstyles that most women naturally default to. Oh, you know who you are. And let's face it, I'm one of you, too.

I love my bob. I confess. It's practical and always looks good. I've worn variations of it since I was 19 years old. But today, my darling, artistic-souled hairstylist suggested layering it more. My fear of looking like Mrs. Brady was tempered when it actually turned out rather cute.

Here's to boldly moving forward.