All Things Waiting.

Have you ever noticed how much you waiting time we have in a day? For me there's a lot...it's starts literally in the morning, waiting -

  • for the kids to wake up
  • for the coffee to finish brewing
  • for the kids to get ready
  • for them to buckle themselves in the car
  • for them to be dropped off/picked up/shuttled around

You get the idea. Alex, just by the very nature of being the oldest, gets out of waiting because he's in the participating role. But for Kata and Bella, there's a lot of waiting...and most of it is for Alex's adventures to come to an end.

Last night, I watched them waiting during Alex's swim lesson and I realized that waiting has a built in advantage. You can run, hop, skip and my favorite...imagine yourself in a whole new world...that you created for your own entertainment. Theirs was all about Barbie and the 12 Dancing Princesses. What could be more fun than that?

Wishing you a little more waiting today...see what you come up with all on your own.


All Things Swimmingly.

"It's a good idea to begin at the bottom in everything,
except in learning to swim. "
~Author Unknown.

It's finally Alex's turn for swim lessons. He's been patiently waiting all summer but with summer camps and the start of school, we haven't had a chance to schedule it until now. But his reward for being patient is that he gets to go every single night for the next two weeks. Need I add that he's absolutely stoked. And a little tired from his first outing in the water.

Wishing you a moment where everything goes...swimmingly. I know, I know, you were waiting for the tie-in.


All Things Sand Trap.

We enjoyed the Reno Philharmonic Orchestra at Montreux Country Club late yesterday afternoon. It was an amazingly beautiful location, nestled right in the tree line at the base of Mt. Rose.

Thanks to the Reno Tahoe Moms, the kids all got their own shovel and pail and the opportunity to play in the sand traps. Just think, next weekend, the Legends Reno-Tahoe Open will be played on that very same course. File under -things that Bella and Kata will have in common with Michelle Wie.

And then this Mama had to take more and more pictures. Of our picnic. And our miserable, little faces because we didn't want to get out of that sand in order to hear lovely classical music and be elegant and civil.

We moved up on the course to get away from the creeping afternoon sun and glare. And we ended up behind the orchestra's tent. And everything was absolutely better and more energetic.

So we danced...that's right, like no one was watching...or like thousands were watching.

And we sat and enjoyed the amazing performance. The kids recognized Tchaikovsky's version of "Romeo and Juliet"...thank you "Little Einsteins."

And then, that was that. We headed home to our little corner of the woods. Or in our case, marsh land.

Wishing you a moment filled with fresh air and greenery and oh, yes...a little sand, please. We're still finding our little grains everywhere.


All Things Hannah Montana.

Yes, we watched "Hannah Montana, the Movie"...in 3-D last night. And we were well equipped with our Hannah glasses. Except for Alex who colored his blue because they were just too girlie otherwise. Nothing like a 9 year old boy.

Kata loved every second of it. And Bella, well, Bella just danced around when she felt like it.
Wishing you a moment when you explore that latest trend...just for fun.


All Things Silver and Blue.

The Silver and Blue Outfitters opened a store in one of our many malls and of course, my darling husband, King Sport-O, Keeper of All Things Sports Statistics, Ruler Over March Madness in Our House had to attend the festivities.

Where was I? Out getting my hair done, girls. What else is a Queen Mama to do?

The kids were excited to pose with this thing called The Fremont Cannon, which is awarded in the Battle for Nevada...that's right, a fictitious, football battle...and yes, American football for all my European relatives and friends. Except as Ken adds, reading over my shoulder, it is not fictitious, it's all live and all real sports, baby. Whatever.

So here's the background. The Battle for Nevada rages between the University of Nevada, Reno (UNR) and the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV). Yes, for Cal Alums, it's almost like the Big Game. But it's, well, here in Nevada for starters.

The winning team gets to keep the cannon and paint it either Blue for UNR or Red for UNLV until the next year's Battle is waged. The Fremont Cannon is regarded as the most expensive, largest and dare I say, at 545 lbs, the heaviest trophy in college sports. It is a replica of the cannon that John C. Fremont's party hauled out West and abandoned in a snow drift. Doesn't that set up the Trophy Concept nicely?

And what Alex will add is that at Wolf Pack home games, after every touchdown, a cannon is fired off. I hate to tell him it's not this very one, which has not been fired since a little prior to his birth.

So even though, neither of us have gone to UNR or UNLV, this shot is for Auntie Daphne. She lives in Las Vegas so can claim UNLV as Home Turf. And we, of course, claim UNR as ours.

Go Wolf Pack! Do I need to add that the Pack's won the last three years...in a row? Wishing you a moment to bask in some local trivia. It's out there, now, quick...go find it.


All Things Three Kids.

Having three kids you quickly realize that you are outnumbered, outplayed and definitely outlasted on a daily (and nightly) basis. What gets you through those times are your friends and your family. It also helps tremendously if you have friends who also have three kids. They understand the model because they live it, too. And they are always there to lend a hand or a sympathetic ear.

We met the Pritchetts when Alex was in Kindergarten. And ever since, he and Jarryn have been friends. They are Cub Scout buddies, too. The girls, Kata and Annelle, took ballet lessons together. Truly, they were amongst the first friends we met here in Reno.

But now our friends are moving. Not far. But, we will have to cross a state line to see them. So one last time, we gathered for a picnic. The kids had a blast. The moms caught up on their chatter. And we compared notes on what its like to have three kids while trying hard to keep your sanity. At least, what's left of it.

We will miss them. And we will stay in touch.

Here's a shot of our third kids - Brayden and of course, our Bella. They're exactly two years and two days apart in age.

We wish you a moment with friends this weekend. Remember to treasure them.


All Things Mid-Summer's Eve.

So what do we do on a warm mid-summer's evening? I am sure Shakespeare himself would've been inspired by-

Two princesses sorting out their treasures and wares.

One very ambitious young prince learning the ropes.

And one clown-ish fluffy dog just trying to get into the plot.

Wishing you a Shakespeare moment, all comedy with none of the tragedy...okay, maybe just a little drama to make it interesting.


All Things In A Jam.

Now that we have a Whole Foods (and oh, what a sight to behold with a fireplace and cozy couches by the entrance) in our neck of the woods, we have a Farmer's Market as well every Saturday morning. And guess what's in season?? That's right, peaches.

I was determined to jump into the genetic pool of my Baka's (grandmother's) jam making skills. She made all kinds of jams - berry, apricot, plum even watermelon. But, never as my mother reminded me, peach. Gentle Reader, why would that stop me? Nope, armed with the internet I located a seemingly innocent enough recipe for Spiced Peach Jam.

So still in my pajamas (we're always trying to be more colorful around here) and with my Little Helper by my side, I set about slicing, smushing, sterilizing and stirring.

Little did I know that Alex whose class has been reading the book Holes was intrigued by a character who makes spiced peaches. Hmm. It's made his experience even more surreal which is something I definitely strive for as a mother to an Imagination-Working-Overtime Son.

And in the end, after much stirring and worrying, I give you -

At this point, I should liken jam making to something pithy. So here goes. Given enough stirring and watching and waiting, things do eventually turn out alright. You can take the worry part out of the equation. Ken's laughing now because he'll tell you that I need that reminder every day.

Wishing you a sweet moment this afternoon.


All Things Imagination.

Five Random Musings-
  1. This was our sunset last night.

  2. I do so enjoy reading Mark Twain now that we're living plumb, smack dab in his territory.

  3. Remember what it felt like to have a Summer Reading List at the Library? It was such a great, summery feeling.

  4. Try a moment today where you clear your head and let your thoughts fly.

  5. Off to drink more iced green tea, read my library book and contemplate flying thoughts.


All Things Lessons Learned.

Life lessons I observed while watching Bella's First Ever Ballet Lesson -

  • Sometimes you'll need to be a follower. Remember to do your best.
  • Sometimes you'll need to be a leader. Remember to set a good example.

  • Always allow yourself to stretch beyond your current self imposed limitations.

  • Constructive criticism comes from a good place, so listen up and put aside that ego, just for a moment.

  • If an obstacle presents itself, sometimes it's best to go around it.
  • Always smile, you never know who's watching.

Our youngest is literally growing up by leaps and bounds. It's sometimes hard to watch. But always there's a lesson in it if I look hard enough.

Wishing you a life lesson today. Something positive and insightful so that it grounds you for just a day or two.


All Things One Step Forward.

Kata's really enjoying her summer ballet session. On Friday, there was only one other girl in her class, the student teacher and Miss Jeanine. A semi-private lesson for an hour at group rate. Woo-hoo.

And as a little TGIF giggle for you...Ken took this photo of me with my Minnie Mouse reading glasses...yes, folks...it's time for readers! But you gotta have fun with them, too.

Wishing you that one step forward concept...without the two back...and a giggle or two or three.


All Things Smoke Gets In Your Eyes.

This was our sunset on Wednesday night. The photos don't do it justice. It was BRIGHT red and very fiery. Alex said it looked like Mars.

The fires are still burning in Northern California and our wonderful gusty zephyrs aren't around to move the smoke out of the valley that is Reno...so the smoke just sits and sits and sits. The air quality is so poor that Alex's school didn't have recess at all. And yesterday we hit a high of 102F...yikes.

I just wish we weren't burning up, physically and mentally. Wishing you a moment in the shade.