All Things Toothless.

Ah, the loss of that first front tooth...Kata's literally slid out as she was eating a banana. And now the other one has joined in and perhaps that's what she'll want for Christmas this year -- her two front teeth.
Remember the toothless moments in your life?? How proud you were. She was just thrilled. And the Tooth Fairy showed up creating havoc with glitter all over her pillow and sheets. Messy, messy but so magical.


All Things I Brake for Werewolves.

So one day after picking up the girls, Alex nudges me and says, "Look Mama, a werewolf..." I turn and spot a jogger, dressed in denim cut-offs and I laugh out loud. Clearly, my kids are as supernaturally obsessed as I am. No, I couldn't resist snapping this photo with my phone because, well you know, I found it funny.

I actually stopped my car to let him cross the street but was laughing too hard to snap the picture right at that moment. So to the person behind me, who waited patiently while I took the picture -- thank you.

For the rest of you reading this, well, yeah I am that silly Mama driving in front of you. Did you not see the Twilight decal on my car?? It should say, I Brake for Werewolves. Of course, you all know, I prefer vampires, right? Right?!? Anyone still taking me seriously?? Please don't. Now go focus on a silly moment in your life and remember to laugh about it.


All Things Kindergarten, ver 3.0.

It never gets old...that first BIG STEP into real school. Not preschool or daycare but a real school. The same one your brother and sister went to. And finally, Bella's Big Day was here. She was so ready. A hug from her big brother who was still on Summer Vacation and a pat on the shoulder from Daddy and off she went.

The best part of the day? Well, getting picked up by your brother.

And a hand-holding conversation with your all-knowing Big Sissy. We survived another Milestone. I may have shed a few tears. And also raised a glass of wine in her honor. Cheers, my Bella, for taking that Next Big Step. Do you remember your last one?


All Things Return to Camp Fleischman.

Such an exciting moment when our Bubby leaves for Boy Scout Camp. This year, he and Ken were going to be gone for an entire week and the girls and I were going to be all alone...can you see their excitement?? I promised lots of Girl Sleepover Moments!

In the mean time, the boys settled into their surroundings...Troop 15's sign is proudly posted.

And they settled into their routine, which included lots of work on Merit Badges.

Scouts certainly have their share of chores.

But they have their share of fun, as well. Alex says that the best part of Scout Camp were the kayaks he got to check out. He loved getting overturned in them and ending up in the water.

In the mean time, Bella passed her Kindergarten Evaluation and is officially a Kindergartner!!! Yes, she dressed herself and received her first "howl" -- a positive reinforcement slip that her school uses.

Finally, we have all of them enrolled in the public school system. Didn't think that this was possible five years ago. Which makes me want to think ahead -- where will we be in five more years? Take a moment to think that through.


All Things Brace Ourselves.

We knew this day was coming and sure enough, it's here. Kata has braces!! She has an expander up top and a retainer on the bottom. And I have to give her credit because she has adapted to them very quickly.

Here she is drinking her morning shake with all that stuff in her mouth!

Now with two out of three in orthodontic appliances, I have to admit that I'm ready to go and work for Orthodontic Partners just to take advantage of their benefits!! We do love our orthodontists, all kidding aside. Did you know that one of the doctors called our house a day later just to find out how Kata's doing?? That's World Class Customer Service, for sure.


All Things Eclipse Me.

So as I play catch up on my posts, I know that the Number One question on your mind is...did I go and see Eclipse at the Midnight Show??

Of course, I did. Silly Rabbits. I did. Not only did I see Eclipse. I saw Twilight and New Moon, too. You see my friend, Miss Snarky Blogs, and I went to a triple feature. I know you're in shock but listen, it was hot and stuffy and we didn't want to wait in line for the Midnight Show. This way, we sat in a theater and watch all three movies back to back.

It was definitely the way to see it. We traveled back to Forks. Back to the beginning when Edward was the brooding, mysterious boy in high school and Bella was the new girl.

Then during the weekend, I took my favorite Boy Child to see it. And look what we saw parked in front of our theater?? Yes, Edward's car. I looked around for him but alas, he must've been worried that he would sparkle in the sun and he probably ducked into an air conditioned theater.

Did I love the movie, you ask?? I LURVED it. LURVED it. The best of the three, so far. If you haven't seen it...hop into your "stupid, shiny Volvo"...I mean, car, and go catch it. Trust me, it's good.