All Things Fourth.

Lots of fours in our life right now. The Fourth of July. Fourth Grade. Four Kids, if I count Ken and of course, I do.

We had a fairly peaceful and quiet Fourth of July. After making plans and having them dissolve at the last minute, we celebrated in our backyard with burgers, coleslaw, strawberries and watermelon and popsicles...you know, the good kind that used to be on ice cream trucks...mmmm, all that artificial flavoring. It doesn't get much better than that, folks.

For us, this is the last weekend of summer vacation. Remember, we're on that year round school schedule. Boy, are we looking forward to Monday. Alex starts Fourth Grade. Each year, we shake our heads harder at how fast they are all growing up. And he's our version 1.0 so with him, somehow, there is more head-shaking. But with school starting, we fall back into our well rehearsed routine. It's just a different pace and we somehow manage that pace a little better.

Even though we're in the midst of summer, I wish you that end of summer feeling...full of last runs through the sprinkler and one more melted popsicle to enjoy...as you await the beginning of your next chapter...in our case, Fourth Grade.

As an aside - I've been enjoying giving the photos a vintage feel through some haphazard Photoshop actions. Pretty cool in my little world.


Marfa said...

Looks like you had a great 4th! Beautiful photos! I have a friend in Missouri whose son attends a year-round school, seems so unusual to me. I've always loved the long summer break. We need a backyard fence like yours...

katarinas mama said...

It is unusual, let me tell you and both sides have their benefits and drawbacks...we only moved here 3.5 years ago from a traditional calendar district and my son was in Kindergarten then...definite things I miss...and uh, the backyard fence always needs fixin' but with our sized yards they kinda seem to work out for the best!!