All Things First Things First.

Well, it's the start of a Series of Firsts...Alex is the first to launch into his new academic year. Then, Kata will start in August. And lastly, Bella will begin her academic pursuits with a sojourn into preschool in September. I've discussed the algorithm of time flying as you watch children grow, but it still amazes me.

For Alex, the First Day of Fourth Grade is now behind him. And even though, he was a little nervous and unsure of what to expect in the Big Leagues of Fourth Grade, everything turned out great. He saw all this old friends. And met his new teacher, Mrs. Santos. She's new to the school but has been teaching for a while. Her last assignment was teaching First Grade. She seems very nice.

His first homework assignment was a Getting to Know You paper, at the end of which he had to outline three goals he'd like to achieve in Fourth Grade. Here are his choices and no, I didn't doctor them for posterity (LOL) -

  1. Make Honor Roll again.

  2. Make a project for the Science Fair.

  3. Do more science projects.

Yes, we're raising a Geek (like his Djedo before him) and we're so stinkin' proud.

I forgot to post the Annual Shot of Snow in Summer. Here's what's left off the snow pack on Mt. Rose (9700 ft elevation)....see the little white spots in the middle up top?? Yup. That's it this year.

And here's our sunset last night. The colors are, unfortunately, helped along by the fires raging throughout California. Our air quality, usually excellent, has been suffering, too. But the colors are beautiful. Nature's palette even in the midst of a fire storm shows hope out on the horizon.

Wishing you a colorful moment today.

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