Through the Looking Glass

So one more kid needs glasses...these are of the Ariel variety...honestly, Disney Princess glasses complete with little shells on the frames...and in a lovely, princess-ey teal blue. She *loves* them...and has to wear them all the time until she's about 8 or 9...A few months ago, we noticed Kata's tendency to turn her head to the right when she was watching tv...

We made an appointement with Alex's pediatric opthamologist....and even she thought it might just be a habit until she did all her tests...and discovered that Kati has amblyopia...or lazy eye...she may even get to wear a patch for a while...but the good news is the doc feels she will definitely outgrow it...so we got her the most royal glasses we could find...nice of Disney to have entered the optical market just in time for our sight challenged brood!

And then on Saturday we decided to attend the Wolf Pack's Fan Appreciation Day...it's their kick-off for the season...and we got lots of Wolf Pack signage as you can see...and free bbq...that's why Ken went...it was sponsored by a local sports bar...so you knew they'd be serving Mt. Dew...however, to Ken's disappointment they only had the Diet version...which is deemed unconsumable in the Riggsby household...we met the girls soccer and volleyball teams...some of the football players...lots and lots of cheerleaders...Kata's eyes sparked when she saw the Dance Team!

And we saw the mascot...Alphie...who inexplicably scared Bella (even though he stayed a good three feet away from her at all times)...causing her to mutter to herself (and anyone else within earshot) all weekend, "Afee scared Bella...Bella kai." And then she whispers again, as if it was a conspiracy, "Bella kai'd." Yes, Bella kai'd or cried or yelled...causing mild to moderate deafness all around us...you can see the Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome in the picture below...

Alex tried his hand at the football toss...the black and silver ball just whizzed by the target...but he clocked a more impressive 34 mph at the baseball toss...

Kata, once again, tried to show her big brother how its really done...by moving to within inches of the target and tossing the bloody thing in...you go, girl...that's using your brain...she also, clocked an impressive 12 mph on the baseball throw game.

So that was it for our Fun in the Sun this weekend...coupled with the many showings of "High School Musical 2"...all of which we caught...we're thoroughly exhausted! Next week, we start the soccer practices...woo-hooo!


Shaggy Dog....

Becks managed another milestone...his First Grooming...yay, Becks! Apparently, he was a good dog during the two hour process at the Dog House...he emerged less shaggy, clear eyed (we can see those beautiful gray eyes now) and very, very, white...woo-hoo snow blindness when you look at our little pooch...it won't be long (I give it 24 hours) until he's back to being the mudball we all know and love but for now, he's Mr. Clean!


Fast Cars and Freedom

" I see a dust trail following an old red Nova
Baby blue eyes, your head on my shoulder
You don't look a day over Fast Cars and Freedom..."

Okay, first (thanks to Grandma Sandi's Babysitting Service), Ken and I were able to see Rascal Flatts...if they come to your neck of the woods...be sure to see them...awesome show! Even if you're not a "little bit country..." like me these days...they are well worth the price of admission.

Second, thanks to Alex's request (read: whining) we all headed out to Hot August Nights in downtown Sparks. What fun! Of course, we found a train...hmmm...Southern Pacific...Alex is in his element...a leftover from the ol' Thomas the Tank Engine days...Kata is forever practicing her Princess on Parade wave...and Bella, well, as long as there is "sugar" somewhere she's there.

And I am sure to serve as reminder to naughty children everywhere, Santa showed up in one of them thar fast cars.

And the kids saw Herbie...without Lindsay Lohan...the original...well to them it was the original...and he was all packed up for a vacation outing. Life doesn't get better than a hot August night.