Life is a Cabaret, ol' chum...

Note how the girls and I all have Scary Liza Minelli as a Strong Resemblance...Life is a Cabaret, indeed! Love Leo and Tyra! Kata was disappointed she wasn't Ariel, the Little Mermaid.

Heeeeeere's...Ken! And the man who directed "Titanic"...one of the most predictable movies of all time...but I have to admit a love of the costumes and mostly jewelry in that flick!

Again, the Liza Thing...and Capt. Jack...and Susan Sarandon who is like a million years older than me...sigh...it's too close to Just Past My Birthday to cope well with the Age Thang. And, er, who are the rest of these babes?? Okay, Diane Lane...yes, yes, I know her...but the rest??

Three times...a Liza...and well, there's Drew...Bella, our Free Spirit!

Alex's pics kept coming up with some Really Wacky matches...this was the closest to uh, normal...my First Born...a dictatorial, movie producer, model, rapper...hmmm...for those of you who know him...it's not too far off!

Have fun doing your own Celebrity Collages...very addicting...I must say!


Hurricanes and Butterflies

Another busy day. Alex's Hurricanes lost (not that we keep score 3-1) but they had fun and that's what counts in Under 8 Soccer. And Kata had her Recital Picture taken. She's a butterfly. Make sure you take the time out to look for some butterflies amongst the hurricane of activity! Oh, you knew that sentiment was going to be a stretch. Enjoy the sunshine!


Go Bears!

Alex anchors the Tug-O-War

All around the Limbo World...

Potato Sack races....

Cheating at Potato Sack Races?? See the foot sticking out??

Wishes do come true...especially when made on weeds
that are not on our lawn...

Dainty style hot dog eating by Bella.

Alex crosses over to Bear.

Den 6. New Bear Cubs.

Proud Daddy and Proud Sissies.

Phew. What a day. We had Alex's Cub Scout end of year BBQ and ceremony at Galena Creek. Limbo, Potato Sack Races, Tug-O-War, hot dogs, burgers, watermelon and cookies. Truly a fun end of year rite of passage.

And then the rite. Our little Wolves became Bears and shed their yellow kerchiefs for light blue. Watching Alex walk over a literal bridge laden with symbolism made this Mama a little misty eyed. One week left. One week and then Summer Vacation. And as of July 9th (remember we're in that Year Round School Thang), Third Grade. Not a baby anymore. A little ol' bear cub. All I can say is "Go Bears!"


Happy Birthday, M-O-ma

Yes, I just noticed that the cake says "Happy Birthday, Moma." Oh well. It was indeed a happy one. What's a little mistake? Lack of attention to detail. It's the very thing that usually bugs me. But not today. It's just the anniversary of my 29th birthday...or should I pick 33rd...I need to pick some number and stop this aging thing. I'll let y'all know when I discover the mathematical logarithm that's correct and showcases what I feel as opposed to what that dang Driver's License says.

Everyone surprised me with my favorite *bucks scone and grande, non-fat latte for breakfast served with a huge amount of hugs, kisses and cards. For both occassions. My favorite present is the votive set Ken got me. When asked what are these things on the breakfast tray? He smiled sheepishly and said, "Hey, they were free if I bought 3 cards at Hallmark." Always thinking, that Mr. Riggsby. Actually, they're kind of cute. And will look perfect around the bubble bath I need to take while sipping the champagne I need to drink.

Thank you for all your well wishes. And Uncle Rick, thank you for stopping by on your way to Fallon. May you all have a Happy Moma day!


Oh my...JOSH!

We had such an exciting Friday morning...the girls and I got to see "Sesame Street Live - Elmo Makes Music." For those of you in the know...you are already aware that Bella is a self appointed uber-fan of Elmo's. She loves the red, fuzzy, furball more than just about anything...well, except her Binky (the pacifier) but that's another bridge, over troubled water, which we'll have to cross soon. The show lived up to our 23-month old's expectations...she just kept saying..."Oh! My...JOSH!...Oh! My...JOSH!" over and over again. And yes, I had to do two diaper changes before the show was over.But the excitement doesn't end there..Today, Kata and I attended Sunflower Preschool's Mothers Day Tea. We dressed up for an mid-morning tea party and were treated to all sorts of yummy goodies...including the apple juice punch which truly tasted better once it was half-sipped from a cup then poured back into the punch bowl, ladeled out once again, sipped some more, dumped, ladel, sip, dump...just sharing the love and bacteria! Kata's Saintly Teachers all willingly posed for us...Ms. Andrea, Ms. Valerie and Ms. Binn...who's real name is Brinn...but with Kati's mispronounciations and insistance that she is *always* right (must be Ken's gene!?!)...we all thought it was Ms. Binn for months. Look at the pride on Kata's face!
The teachers led all of the children in some adorable renditions of motherly songs...that left us all teary eyed and humming...of course, I sat in the front but on the opposite side of where Kata stood. Fortunately, she's tall and her lilac Ariel bow peaks out! (Look to the left of the teacher in back wearing a navy dress...see? the bow???)

And when I complain that I *never* get jewelry, please, remind me that my oldest daughter is always in tune with my jewelry wardrobe needs...she made me the most beautiful necklace...complete with a heart that says "Worlds Best Mother" and bells.

You'll hear me jingling all day tomorrow...wearing my heart on my sleeve...or well, let's face it on a fashionably trendy yet appropriate top. Happy Mothers Day to y'all!

Thank you Sunflower Preschool for a beautiful, emotional morning...you proved, yet again, why you're the best school in Reno!


I'm Bringing Winter...Back?!?

This is what we woke up to this morning...Incredible!...In the last shot above, you can't even see Mt. Rose because its covered with *snow* clouds...Normally, its towering over those homes in the foothills...Wow!

So we sit on Cinco de Mayo Eve (I *know* there's no such thing...I think?!) with snow all around.

Fortunately none of the white stuff stuck to the streets...but it does make for one interesting Spring Morn...

Hope your Spring has a lot more warmth in it and that your flowers are not as frost bitten as ours...poor little rosebuds...stay warm out there!


Happy Dirt-Day Bubby!

Okay, it's been a while since I posted...what can I say - I'm bringing Overworked and Really Tired...back (thanks JT for the hook!)
Here's our April Top 5 -

5. We survived another Easter without Ken dropping Greek Red Egg Dye (read: extremely quick acting and permanent)...

4. Alex turned *8*!!!!

3. He had a fabulous birthday party at the Planetarium complete with friends, watching the "Ultimate Universe", making a planet mobile and eating lots of yummy galactic cake.
2. Alex had his 2nd Grade Recital aptly titled "How Does Your Garden Grow?" He got to play the Rhythm Sticks.

1. On the last day of April, Alex got his braces!

And the grandparents came and spoiled us one and all!

So as you can see it was All About Alex month. The girls were busy going to school and getting into trouble...and if you're Bella...well...it's not hard to sneak some cake into your mouth when no one is looking..."Happy Dirt-Day, Bubby"...was how she sang the song. Happy Dirt-Day indeed!