All Things The Graduate.

I remember, only eight years ago, walking Alex to his first preschool class. I wanted to stay there all day with him. He didn't even cry. He walked over to the train table and started playing with the train and redesigning a track. I walked back to my car and sat there with the car idling, tears rolling down my face. When I got to work, all red eyed from my Ugly Cry Moment, my friends had a Starbucks coffee and a box of Kleenex waiting on my desk. Thank you Cheryl and Susan. I needed you today as I watched Alex performing his little skit with his BFF, Ryan.

He's done with Elementary School now and ready to start Middle School. I still want to sit in that car and cry.

I mean look at him?? He seems confident and eager and well, like he doesn't need me any more. It's just like that very first day at preschool.

Isn't that the purpose of us as parents, though? To prepare them so they don't need us one day. I'd like to think so but I can tell you from where I sit that I still talk to my Mom and Dad every day. I still need them for advice and comfort.

I know he'll be the same way, calling Ken and I up to discuss a work situation or to explain the latest accomplishment of his kids.

From where I sit, though, I still remember that day and think of the journey he and I have taken so far. It's been quite a trip and just think the excitement that awaits us in Middle School.


All Things Every Dog Has His Day.

As June approached, we were down to Bella's last days at Sunflower Preschool and we thoroughly enjoyed their annual Bring Your Pets to School Day.

As Bella and Becks walked around the circle and chatted with all the other students, I was reminded of the nursery rhyme, "He followed her to school one day which was against the rules..."

There is nothing in life quite like a loyal canine companion. And in Becks, we have found just that. Bella, especially, has bonded with him and he with her. They have an understanding and it's fun to watch.

It's also fun to see how they've both grown up. They are now tolerant of new experiences and spaces and they're no longer fearful. Kindergarten will be starting soon. You can bet that Becks will be following her to school.

Do you remember your first pet? Take a minute and think of them now and all those wonderful times you shared.


All Things First Slumber Party

Remember your first slumber party? Well, Kata's been dying for one and we finally managed to schedule it in. Elyse joined Kata and, of course, Bella for a night of festivities which included manicures, doll tea parties, movies and lots of snacks.

I still can recall mine. Lots of whispering of secrets and giggles into the night. Do you remember yours?


All Things A Very UnMerry UnBirthday/Mother's Day

Seriously, who couldn't wake up with these people staring at them from the foot of their bed?Most of you know that I Hate Morning with a Passion, but on this morning, I woke up and laughed. The fact that they made a lot of noise gathering their surprises wasn't lost on me but as a good mama, I waited and pretended to be asleep so they could shout, "Happy Mother's Day, Mama!" in a fit of giggles.

Please note the extra points Ken received for getting my Starbucks order right after 16.5 years of marriage. Never ask why I love this man because, well, you see the proof is in that picture.

And then because Alex was going to camp that week, we celebrated my birthday a few days early. But don't worry, I was literally showered with sweet well wishes and wonderful treats throughout the week. I cannot even begin to give a shout out to all of you but Taylor, Rick, Marye, Leigh, Katie and Lorraine -- thank you. I was truly spoiled. See the smile below? It's genuine. Well, mostly. It's also there because I'm in our favorite pizza place, Lampost Pizza, and I'm waiting not only for the food but also for a glass of Blue Moon draft to be delivered.

Cheers to you all and thank you again!


All Things A-Camping We Will Go.

At the end of the year, the Fifth Graders at our elementary school get to go on a 4-day, 3-night camping trip at Sierra Nevada Journeys.

The entire experience is designed for the kids to experience fun, hands-on style learning in a natural environment. It's really a wonderful way to prepare them for the independence required in Middle School.

But...did you feel the "but" coming?

But, it was the first time neither Ken nor I went with Alex on such an adventure. Yes, it was heavily chaperoned with both teachers and parents. But, we didn't go. We sent him along, fairly well prepared, and you know what happened?

You can probably feel this one coming too, eh?

He did great. In fact, he had an amazing time. He still tells us these funny and sweet stories about his adventures.

So here's the lesson learned for us, once again: sometimes you have to let go. And so we did. And things turned out just fine. Do you think the lesson is learned? Nope, neither do I. Stay tuned, folks, stay tuned.


All Things Mothers' Day Tea.

[Bella is in the middle and those are her teachers. How we luv them!]

This Spring is full of milestones for us and here's another one to add to our list: our last Mother's Day Tea at Sunflower Preschool. It's my very favorite event there perhaps because they ask only the Pre-Kers and their mothers, grandmothers, aunts or godmothers to attend.

Can you see all the frothy delights??

It's like a Faerie Tea, isn't it?

And then, all of the kids come out and sing these wonderful songs that make all the mommies weepy. Yes, every year, I get out the tissues.

When the kids are dismissed, they present you with these wonderful creations that they spent all week making. And it's well, see for yourself...it's a moment of tremendous pride for the child and for the mommy.

Here's to the end of one chapter and to many, many new beginnings.

Did you have a Spring Celebration that you enjoyed? Think about it for a moment. It was magical, wasn't it?