All Things Doughboy.

We live in a state that's been one of (if not the) hardest hit states in this economic downturn (Aside - Can we please just call it the Great Depression, Part Deux and get it over with?).

One of the first places to close up was our Krispy Kreme donut shop. I didn't miss it. But the kids just whined about it. Honestly, we didn't even go there a lot. But there were memories, of sugary treats after shots at the doctor's office, school field trips, and free donuts for an all As-Report Card. And there was sadness. I mean, yes, there were Other Donut Shops. Wal-Mart has donuts available on a 24 hour basis. But the donuts weren't the same.

I've been trying to teach my kids the concept of Good Things Come to Those Who Wait. With three kids in the house, a dog and a dad this is a worthwhile lesson. One day, while driving back from grocery shopping we noticed a sign - Doughboy Donuts. Hmm. They even had a drive-thru, which given our weather here is indeed a Good Thing.

So kids, Good Things Come to Those Who Wait.

And these are even better than their Krispy Kreme counterparts. They're sugary and light and moist and mhmmm *full mouth still chewing*.

They're literally the size of Bella's head. Please note our sheer joy. It's sometimes those very simple things that bring us the most happiness on any given day.

Wishing you a moment of Simple Happiness. Indulge in it. Enjoy every sugary, fluffy, moist moment. We sure did.


All Things Mad Science.

In one of those fluke-filled moments, I can continue our Science Themed posts because Kata went to a Mad Science Party this weekend. Truly, I was wondering what would I do without the opportunity to use precipitate or catalyst in a sentence. But fortunately, she got to make her own precipitate and it felt like what else in our parts? Yeah, snow.

The kids got to make their own polymer fibers -

Which they all knew as Goop...or Slime...or Things That Stain Mama's Carpet for $500, please -

And then it was time for the Big Rocket Launch...coundown...10-9-8...you get the idea.

Holy Toledo, that thing flew up-up-up and fortunately didn't land in someone's backyard but it fell discreetly in the marshland. I hear you...think green. I am certain it was all biodegradable. *coughs*

So after the party, Kata announced that for her first ever Science Fair project next year she wants to do "something that explodes". All I can say, please File Under - Things To Look Forward To.

Wishing you a moment where you act like you very own catalyst - go spark a reaction will you??


All Things It's An Honor To Be Nominated.

Alex made it to Science Fair Regionals for the second year in a row. They're hosted at University of Nevada, Reno and are quite A Big Deal in our small scientific community.

This year Alex's wanted to a project involving electricity. So without further adieu, we presented to the world -

The judges left some nice comments - good photos, well explained.

But, Alex didn't place this year or even get the Honorable Mention he was awarded last year. Nonetheless, as they say at all the top award shows, "It is just an honor to be nominated."

We were proud of him for completing another Science Fair project and placing second at his school. And for making it to Regionals. Note how proud the girls were. There's no hiding sisterly pride, eh?

To give you a scope of all the Science Projects, here's the shot. This is the arena where our Wolf Pack play their basketball games and it was packed with all the first and second place winners from Northern Nevada's elementary schools . There were actually separate rooms for the middle school and high school projects. The older kids projects, you ask?? Well, they were literally out of this world. Incredible young minds. I hope they are nurtured and go on to change the world.

So we celebrated our nomination, with what else?? Ben and Jerry's.

Because ice cream, so cold and sweet is a successful science project all its own. And it helps make a terrific consolation prize.

Many thanks to Grandma Sandi, who drove all the way from her home to be here with us for this important occasion. Not to mention that she sponsored our sweet ending!

And then we drove through our famous arch. Because, well, we can. And I know I'm always taking pictures of our beautiful Sierra mountains. But we do have other just as well known landmarks. Last night as we drove through, I snapped the photo below. Nice, eh?

Wishing you a moment where you are nominated. And if the results turn out to be not what you wanted, be sure to wash down the bitter with something sweet and well as in our case, something also twinkly. If your name can't be in lights, then by all means place yourself underneath some anyway because, well, you can.


All Things Twilight (yet again).

Just checking in to make sure that you got your copy of the Twilight DVD. I mean, honestly, you should. Alright, it's my thinly veiled attempt to generate even more revenue for Summit Entertainment. Not that they need it.

The day before the DVD's release, Kata and I got our nails done with the appropriate Dazzle Filled Theme. Honestly, my nail tech did a better job than ILM in making things Glitter. Hmm. Perhaps my nail gal can work the special effects in the next movie - just a thought?

We stopped by Wal-Mart and touched all the new merchandise and our Bella posed next to Twilight's Bella. File Under - Things That Are Apropos.

And then the next morning I rose...(see the glow of dawn?)...to go to Target because I wanted the Blu-ray version and only two stores were carrying it, Target and Best Buy.Of course, our Pocket Edward had to make an appearance. Because after all, it is his movie. *giggles*

I have to add that Twilighters are some of the nicest fans. There were about thirty of us waiting for the store to open and I haven't laughed that hard for a long time. I've also made some incredible on-line friends all because of this shared passion (you know who you are because you are reading this right now and yes, I'm sending all of you (((hugs)))).

We got our two copies. One for us and one for a friend who was working and couldn't get away. And hey, our bonus?? We got the digital copy with it! Go Tarjay. I knew there was a reason I've dropped literally thousands of dollars there over the years. Now, I can watch it on my iPhone.

The girls were so excited that they wore their Twi-tees for two days in a row. Please note they picked out different styles. Kata loved the movie poster picture. And Bella, my Bella, picked out the one that said Team Edward. It can't get anymore perfect, can it?? Nope. Not for us.

Wishing you a moment when you indulge in your passion whatever it is and really delve into it. And I hope you make new friends because of it. I can't tell you how much fun I'm having with this shared moment of sheer obsession. I mean look - aren't we all happy?? I love being a crazy, silly Mama sometimes. Hope you have a crazy, silly moment today.


All Things Green.

Neither Ken nor I have too much Irish heritage (for the record of those who care and will correct : me = none, Ken = possibly some) but ever since we had Alex, we have found ourselves celebrating St. Patrick's Day. I mean doesn't everyone regardless of their heritage??

While other people enjoy more traditional Irish fare, we go for the whateverisgreen we'll eat it concept. And if it's not green, then we will make it green, darn it.

Like our eggs -

Or our pancakes - please note the shamrock shape. I did it with a squeeze bottle. Brilliant. What would I do without my Mommy Friends and their creative idea?

And we ate our emerald green concoctions as our very favorite meal - Breakfast for Dinner.

Alex, who is learning the recorder in Music class at school, treated us to an Irish ditty and yes, the ubiquitous "Mary Had A Little Lamb".

And Bella. Well, what is Bella hiding in her hand there??

Bacon, of course! It wasn't green though, so she didn't want to show it.

Wishing you a moment of pure imagination where you just let those wild thoughts fly. Flap those wings. Trust me, the thoughts will take off on their own. And umm, trust that there will be a soft landing.


All Things Airing Out.

One day last week, before our warmer temperatures hit, I took the girls to the park. To just simply "air" them out. Like old couch cushions or rugs, we were all craving a nice shake-out moment in some crisp air.

We frolicked in the very atmosphere all around us.

We conquered the highest peaks.

We swung our Imaginary Friends really really high. For the record, the Imaginary Friend is her Guardian Angel named, Ho-ho. No, I don't make these things up. Honestly.

And we slid down wiggly paths catching our breath only at the very end.

We are so blessed to be surrounded by incredible scenery all around. Fresh air, snow capped mountains, golden valleys. But so are you, go and explore and air yourself out - not just physically but mentally as well. Air out those thoughts and open yourself up to some creative new ones. Hurry.


All Things Have My Heart.

She ran up to me the other day, clutching a Valentine she found tucked away in one of her many purses.

"Mama," she said all excited, "You have my heart."

What can I add to that comment? Nothing. Nothing at all. She's always had my heart. And her Daddy's. And her Bubby's and Sissy's.


All Things Serendipity.

ser·en·dip·i·ty - (srn-dp-t) n. pl. ser·en·dip·i·ties
1. The faculty of making fortunate discoveries by accident.
2. The fact or occurrence of such discoveries.
3. An instance of making such a discovery.

Sometimes, little moments of serendipity hit you and they leave you feeling oh so very happy. Like when you discover a new favorite drink at your neighborhood coffee shop. Oh, okay, ubiquitous corporate chain that I still love.

Well good old Starbucks came out with some new drinks including The London Fog Tea Latte. Oh my. A little piece of heaven in a frothy, steamy cup. I mean they had me at : black tea with citrusy Italian Bergamot but then they added a hint of lavender and a splash of vanilla syrup and topped the dreamy creation with milky foam. Oh my. Run, don't walk to your nearest store and try it. And think of Spring like I did.

Then as Kata and I dropped off Bella at her preschool, what was parked right smack dab in front of my giant-land-yacht-of-a-mama-vehicle?? Yes, it was a stupid, shiny Volvo. If you don't understand the reference, I apologize. It's from Twilight (oh no, I have not stopped talking about that movie and/or books, really you should know me better - LOL). And it's what the lead protagonist prefers to drive to school so he blends in with the other students. Nice. Thank you. Kata and I jumped up and down pretending that Edward was parked in front of us. I know, I know sometimes you just had to be there.

And then late in the afternoon of the same day, the UPS guy dropped off a package. And I thought to myself - I haven't ordered anything lately. But who doesn't love getting packages?

And as I opened it, I realized a darling, dear, sweet, beyond caring friend of mine sent me a Mommy Juice Cup. Okay, it's a glass but some of us like to think of it as the ultimate Sippy Cup. And yes, of course, that's merlot in there folks. Alex ran over and asked why it had a "S" on it and was it for Slytherin (a reference from Harry Potter, yes, we're all book obsessed). And then I laughed remembering how kids forget that their parents have first names - we're always just Mommy and Daddy.

So as I sit here I want to pass on a wish to you for a moment of pure, unadulterated serendipity when you least expect it, like it happened to me.