All Things Silver and Blue.

The Silver and Blue Outfitters opened a store in one of our many malls and of course, my darling husband, King Sport-O, Keeper of All Things Sports Statistics, Ruler Over March Madness in Our House had to attend the festivities.

Where was I? Out getting my hair done, girls. What else is a Queen Mama to do?

The kids were excited to pose with this thing called The Fremont Cannon, which is awarded in the Battle for Nevada...that's right, a fictitious, football battle...and yes, American football for all my European relatives and friends. Except as Ken adds, reading over my shoulder, it is not fictitious, it's all live and all real sports, baby. Whatever.

So here's the background. The Battle for Nevada rages between the University of Nevada, Reno (UNR) and the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV). Yes, for Cal Alums, it's almost like the Big Game. But it's, well, here in Nevada for starters.

The winning team gets to keep the cannon and paint it either Blue for UNR or Red for UNLV until the next year's Battle is waged. The Fremont Cannon is regarded as the most expensive, largest and dare I say, at 545 lbs, the heaviest trophy in college sports. It is a replica of the cannon that John C. Fremont's party hauled out West and abandoned in a snow drift. Doesn't that set up the Trophy Concept nicely?

And what Alex will add is that at Wolf Pack home games, after every touchdown, a cannon is fired off. I hate to tell him it's not this very one, which has not been fired since a little prior to his birth.

So even though, neither of us have gone to UNR or UNLV, this shot is for Auntie Daphne. She lives in Las Vegas so can claim UNLV as Home Turf. And we, of course, claim UNR as ours.

Go Wolf Pack! Do I need to add that the Pack's won the last three years...in a row? Wishing you a moment to bask in some local trivia. It's out there, now, quick...go find it.


Daphne said...

Thanks so much for that shot of the cannon. I know that it has been residing there for a while and I don't really mind. After all, with the UNLV Rebel Basketball program just being listed as the #8 most prestigious men's basketball program in the nation by the NCAA, I'm feeling better about that. So you keep the cannon (for now... as eventually it will return)that your football team earned. Let it be a consolation for the fact that the UNR men's basketball team is ranked 74th. Oh well, can't win them all I guess.

Love, Auntie D

katarinas mama said...

And the very fact that you knew the rankings is one of the many reasons why we love you, Auntie D!!!