All Things Three Kids.

Having three kids you quickly realize that you are outnumbered, outplayed and definitely outlasted on a daily (and nightly) basis. What gets you through those times are your friends and your family. It also helps tremendously if you have friends who also have three kids. They understand the model because they live it, too. And they are always there to lend a hand or a sympathetic ear.

We met the Pritchetts when Alex was in Kindergarten. And ever since, he and Jarryn have been friends. They are Cub Scout buddies, too. The girls, Kata and Annelle, took ballet lessons together. Truly, they were amongst the first friends we met here in Reno.

But now our friends are moving. Not far. But, we will have to cross a state line to see them. So one last time, we gathered for a picnic. The kids had a blast. The moms caught up on their chatter. And we compared notes on what its like to have three kids while trying hard to keep your sanity. At least, what's left of it.

We will miss them. And we will stay in touch.

Here's a shot of our third kids - Brayden and of course, our Bella. They're exactly two years and two days apart in age.

We wish you a moment with friends this weekend. Remember to treasure them.

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