All Things Carnival.

Double Diamond Elementary School held its first Carnival yesterday afternoon. What a fun fundraiser. They had all the traditional kiddie games. Running the pumpkin toss above was Alex's second grade teacher, Mr. C. Of course, he let the girls "cheat" a little and brought them closer to the buckets. And for those of you observant enough to notice, even Alex took a step closer.

Then it was time for face painting. Bella was the only willing participant. She told the girl she wanted a "B" for Bella. There you have it. Her personality in a nutshell. The fact that she later cried her eyes out when Ken denied his littlest angel some cotton candy as a dinner entree and the paint ran down her cheek is a separate issue.

Oh yes, there was a fishing game. Bella loved that one.

Alex's class sponsored a Lollipop Toss. And yes, we got the most "prizes" at this booth. Because we don't have enough sugar in our house.

Although there were at least twenty such game booths and a bounce house, the most popular attraction by far was the Dunk Tank. We got there in time for one of the sixth grade teachers to go in the tank. She's an Olympic silver medalist in rowing (Sydney Olympics). Wow, we still can't quite process that?? Incredible. So they waited in line, patiently.

And the girls went first. Bella didn't quite knock it down, but she got an assist from a volunteer and down went our Olympian teacher. Oops. Then Kata, out of nowhere, actually hit the target but not hard enough, so she got the assist as well.

Most impressive was Alex, who knocked it down on his first try. And down one more time. A Family Hat Trick. We were proud, alright.

And then it was time to go so we could get a proper dinner in...one without too many artificial colors and additional flavorings. No one was particularly thrilled to leave. But as they say, there's always next year.

Wishing you a carnival moment. May you always hit the target on that Dunk Tank.

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