All Things Middle School.

We attended Sixth Grade Orientation at the newly opened Kenedi Depaoli Middle School and wow, what an eye-opener. The facility is gorgeous. Fresh. New. Green. We were very excited, can you tell?

Alex was excited and perhaps a little nervous. Either way, he didn't want to pose for his Paparazzi Mama. Do you see that Class of 2017 sign??? That's in SEVEN years, people, only seven years. I am feeling dizzy and slightly nauseated at that thought.

The school has inspirational quotes all over their walls. In a really nice font. Not that I notice these things, but I do.

I couldn't help it. I had to have our Alexander pose over this particular one?

So many things will be great there for Alex. Great friends. Great teachers. Great adventures. Welcome to a middle school equipped with laptops, interactive whiteboards and iPods. We had paper, chalkboards and we raised our hands instead of sending the teacher a question via an iPod.

Times change. Technology pushes. And we walk towards it, knowing we can only embrace it.

So what will you embrace today? Go on, walk that fine line but don't be scared of the future. It's out there at your doorstep.


All Things Camp Half Blood.

Alex has been busy this year reading through all of the Percy Jackson books. Have you read them yet? They're truly wonderful and magical explorations of Greek Mythology in a modern day world. If you haven't seen the movie, yet, it's being released on DVD on June 29th. Here comes the endorsement: if you liked Harry Potter, be sure to check out Percy. For some of you, that's all I have to say.

This year, Alex wanted a Percy themed party. So what else could I do but give in. I mean, imagine me shopping for swords and helmets. I know, not as far-fetched as you might think. Thanks to my awesome twitter moms, I found these cool fun foam swords and well, the helmets?? Don't they rock?? They were at Michael's. I know. The movie posters were from KatieB who snagged a few at the Midnight Show in her town. The entire thing came together so easily. And the boys LOVED it. They played Capture the Flag, Percy-style. You'll see for yourself in just a second.

The girls loved it, too because their friend got to join in the play.

I'm so proud of my girls for wielding a sword with such confidence. Watch out, demi-gods, there may be a few more of you out there.

We still had a cake. Well, okay, a Harry Potter cake, because the bakery wasn't hip enough to stock Percy Jackson items.

And the ferocious dog stood guard over all the magical goings-on.

They really got into playing with the swords. Ken was on standby, trying to fix the broken ones. Okay, duct tape them. But we pretended he was quite the blacksmith.

What I love about my husband is he's never too grown up to try things. Another reason why our relationship works. He put this on and turned to me saying, "Go on and blog this..." Never challenge me, baby.

So now it's your turn. Do something unexpectedly playful today. Awww, come on, you know you want to. I'm waiting. Go. Do it. Now.


All Things Elevensies.

It's been such a cold Spring. Lots of freakish snowstorms making me remember another Spring, eleven years ago when a certain little boy was born just when the primroses on our patio began to blossom.

Happy Eleventh Birthday, Alex!! Yes, that is our Traditional Birthday Number pancake breakfast made just for a big kid. I know, I can't believe he's ELEVEN.


All Things Altar Boy.

When you're an Altar Boy in an Eastern Orthodox church, you get to pass out hundreds of dyed eggs on Easter Sunday. Hundreds. Did I mention that they're all dyed red??

Yes, it does come off, eventually. Love our traditions and how they're passed on down to new generations. Take a moment to think of your favorite family traditions. It's worth observing them, isn't it??


All Things Easter Bunny.

Egg dyeing, it's a Process in our family. And I have to admit that Ken coached the kids through it this year.

Note how, he was a Smart Daddy and used Alex's old baseball shirts?? That was due to the Red Dye Incident a few years ago, when he dropped a bowl of Greek Red Egg Dye which stains beyond permanently. They say the mark of a good man is his ability to learn from mistakes. See, I knew I picked a Good Man.

And then the next day, we attended Easter Service. Notice, how they're all dressed, coiffed and wind-blown? Our weather has been highly uncooperative this year. But it's been wonderful for special effects. I just asked Alex "to, please, put your arms around the girls..." and he did. Miracles do occur on Easter Sunday.

Bella made an Easter Bonnet at preschool. I loved her use of pink, blue and yellow. Watch out Paris, London and New York, you may have a new designer in your ranks one of these days.

The kids made Twilight eggs just for me. Edward was supposed to be "red" I was assured. So why is Jacob orange?? And in our Egg Cracking Game, Edward won. Just like in the books. I knew you'd want to know. I think Ken may have rigged that somehow.

And then look, a Spring Faerie showed up. The snowflakes on the right were just decals on the door but somehow, it makes the picture look more magical, doesn't it? I'm pretty sure the Spring Faeries would welcome this new addition into their court.