All Things Tooth Fairy.

With much wiggling and a little flossing with Daddy, Kata's First Ever Loose Tooth came out. It only took about three days. She was so persistent. And with the help of an equally persistent Daddy and a sourdough bagel, it fell out.

Preparations are now underway for the imminent arrival of the Tooth Fairy this evening. Please let us know if you see her. Be sure to send her over our way.

Wishing you a moment of fairy magic. It's out there. Really.


All Things Let Down Your Golden Hair.

Sometimes, I'm all about grabbing my camera, any camera that's handy even my iPhone's, and capturing that Fleeting Moment.

Our morning's are so very hurried and frantic but on occasion, we're kinda sorta on time. One day this week, Kata was supposed to be brushing her hair and something distracted her on TV. I'm sure it was a Jonas Brothers or Selena Gomez video so she sat down. And Bella picked up the hairbrush and began to brush her sister's hair.

All I could think of was -

"Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair, so that I may climb the golden

Fortunately, there's no Enchantress in sight and umm, a prince is out of the picture as well. But a sisterly bond is captured nonetheless.

Wishing you a bonding moment. Go and look for it. It's there, waiting to be captured.


All Things Happy Campers, Part Deux.

A few weekends ago, Ken and Alex went off on yet another camping trip. This time it was just the Cub Scouts in Alex's Den. And it was only an overnight trip. To a gorgeous campground right on Lake Tahoe.

I mean even a sunrise can look good there right??

The obligatory s'mores.

And frolicking in the lake.

So you're asking what did the girls and I do?? Well, we stayed up late. So late that they got some sort of crazy Second Wind in them and not knowing what to do, I plugged "Pride and Prejudice" into the DVD player and assured them it was a lovely story. Immediately, Bella began to count the horsies in the movie. They fell fast asleep and I stayed up to make sure Mr. Darcy still did The Right Thing.

The next morning, I was in dire need of coffee so off we went to Starbucks and Doughboy Donuts.

Because pink sprinkles always wake us up. And they have these Big Boy donuts that are not to be believed.

And then early in the afternoon, our favorite officer and gentleman stopped by - Uncle Rick. We couldn't ask for a better weekend - adventure, romance, sugary treats and friends.

Wishing you a weekend filled with just those ingredients - enjoy.


All Things Good Books (Lament by Maggie Stiefvater)

I just finished the first book in this series, Lament by Maggie Stiefvater. And I posted my review over on goodreads.com . But it bears repeating here -

"Let's just say that Lament hooked me from the beginning. And that's a little
hard because these days I look for a really well written fairy story not just a
formulaic retelling of folk lore.

So I started Lament and was immediately intrigued by the characters. I liked Dee right away because I could relate to her nausea process before a performance. I figure skated as a kid and remember those feelings a little too well. Then the introduction of both James and Luke pulled me in further. I wanted to understand their relationships with Dee, both so seemingly different and yet similar.

I'm going to attempt to stick to my No Spoiler Policy in the review and
say that the story truly has it all. It has memorable characters that you find
yourself either relating to or rooting for them. It has beautifully woven fairy
lore throughout the plot. And then to top it all of, gorgeously written imagery.
Some of the prose was so well written it literally left me breathless. No truly.
For those of you who are reading this, you need to know that, for me, very few
books rise to that occassion. I won't list them now but let me repeat, very few.

As for the plot itself, it was darker than I expected. And twistier (okay, not a word but work with me). And half way through, I found myself wanting to stay in the dark, murky, dangerous depths as much as I wanted to float up to an ending that had a more positive light. Maggie establishes this longing like (again) very few authors can accomplish. A longing that is so poignant and sad and thoughtful. This feeling threads itself through the natural rise of the plot line and even well past the climactic scene.

I read the book quickly over three days which encompassed a weekend. In
spite of all the planned activities, I found myself wanting to escape to this
world and find out what happens to the characters. That to me is the definition
of a Good Book. That need to find out in spite of Real Life surrounding you.
Such a great feeling. Thank you, Maggie."

I will freely admit that I am anxiously waiting for the sequel. If you like Young Adult Fantasy genre, check out Lament. You won't be sorry.

Now go on, visit the library or your book store and pick up that good book you've been wanting to find time to read. Hurry. There are waiting lists, you know.


All Things Edge of Motherhood.

I've actually had people ask him How Do I Do It? I always pause and try not to smirk too obviously when I answer - Do what??

It's simple. I revert to my most basic instict. That of a Project Manager. Seriously. Yes. Throw out all those feel good books about motherhood and approach the process with the color coded precision of a Gantt Chart.

I suggest a color coded, white board calendar that is updated on an almost daily basis.

Hallmark has created these wonderful cards called Edge of Motherhood. Obviously, I could have worked as a consultant on them. The above image is from one of their cards.

All Things Hot August Nights.

I've blogged about our appreciation for the Biggest Little City in the World before, but we do love living here in Reno. And we do love certain events that happen during the summer - like Hot August Nights.

What's better than watching classic cars cruising by on a hot summer evening? Well, except this was an unexpectedly cool summer evening. In fact, the previous day our temperatures plunged about 30-degrees and the mountains enjoyed some early hail. Fortunately, small things like weather conditions never stop us from enjoying our traditions, so off we went to downtown Sparks on a random weekday late afternoon.

And immediately, Kata spotted what we quietly referred to as Mommy's Next Car. Yes, a two seater, red convertible. Mhmm, that'll do.

We posed next to an old fire engine just for the sake of Auntie Angie and Uncle Dave. And all of our brave, fire fighting cousins up in Washington. We were waving at all of you. See? Okay, no one would wave for me.

We pretended that yes, the train was going to Hogwarts. Where else would it go?? Straight through the Sierras and to Hogwarts, please.

A shot of the old railroad station for some of my Western themed loving friends (that would be you, Lorraine). Wow. The elevation reads 4,413 feet. Mhmm. We do live up high.

But even if it's a little chilly, there was always room for ice cream.

And some high-fives from cruising cars.

It was all about the high-fives this year.

Until well, it was time to go. Because the revving of engines and their subsequent back-firing sounded too much like fireworks. And no amount of ice cream could cure the feeling of We're So Very Done Here.

Wishing you a classic moment today - a car, a book, a favorite memory. Go enjoy it. Until it gets to be too much and then by all means, please, stop. We did.


All Things Child Labor.

To be filed under - This Is Why We Worked So Hard to Have Them.

The kids are all at that stage in life where they are desperate to help us with chores. Even car washing has become a fun diversion for them. As our temps warm to close to 100F what better (and cheaper) way is there of staying cool than water, bubbles and a good hose? Yeah, I couldn't think of many others, either.

I mean, seriously, child labor is a good alternative these days, don't you think??

Unfortunately, like all good things, even a car wash has to end. Because, well, we only have two cars, and oh wait....

...we do have a dog. Dog wash anyone??

Wishing you a bubbly moment this summer. Go on, find it. Hurry. Summer's almost over.