All Things Mid-Summer's Eve.

So what do we do on a warm mid-summer's evening? I am sure Shakespeare himself would've been inspired by-

Two princesses sorting out their treasures and wares.

One very ambitious young prince learning the ropes.

And one clown-ish fluffy dog just trying to get into the plot.

Wishing you a Shakespeare moment, all comedy with none of the tragedy...okay, maybe just a little drama to make it interesting.


BookMomma said...

Great post... love the Shakespeare theme!

How old was your son when he started Scouts? I think that's awesome and hope my two boys want to do it. Happy POW!

katarinas mama said...

We started Cub Scouts in 2nd grade. He technically could've started in 1st, but we were still new to our area. It's been an awesome experience and one I hope he will continue to love and enjoy.