All Things The Edge of Motherhood.

September has been quite a month. All three kids are now back in the swing of school. And our rhythm of extra curricular activities started as well. So I was a little busy. I apologize for the lack of posts.

I'm also helping out on the Mundie Moms' and Page Turner's blogs. Check them out. As most of you know, I love doing book reviews. All those delicious plots and fictional characters - such fun. I thank KatieB and Pixie for allowing me to contribute.

So now, go on, read a book. It's good for you. In the mean time, if you're wondering what I'm doing look up at that artwork - there you go, pick one of those. Chances are that you're right.


All Things Pumpy-kins.

Last year, for various reasons, we didn't go to Bishop's Pumpkin Farm. But, this year we were determined not to miss it. So what if it's a 2+ hour drive, one way, from our house? I brought along a certain audiobook (which will be mentioned in a separate post) and we packed the kiddies up to go and get this year's batch of pumpy-kins.

But road trips for us are often filled with moments of complete and utter unpredictability. This year it was the temperature. On this blessed day, the temp was 100-degrees F. Yes, you read it. Sure, it's Fall. Why not?

But, how could we let temps affect our decisions when all of our favorites were waiting for us. The three-story Tree House. The Corn Maze. The Sunflower Maze for the little ones who may be scared of the corn maze. And of course, Coyote Mountain. Home of very very hot and glistening slides. The kids loved going down those huge slides this year. Bella insisted that Big Bubby Dear take her down on it. Ah, those moments of Sibling Bonding almost make up for all those other moments of Rivalry.

And that's right, Ken in full on Dad Mode had to try out the tractor. I can't make any other comments without laughing out right. So enjoy the image, I know I do.

Oh, there were also Pig Races, freshly pressed Apple Cider ICEEs and hand dipped corn dogs for us to enjoy.

Alex is still fascinated by trains. So, one ride on the Pumpkin Train needed to happen.

Apparently, I needed to pose by the Twilight Scarecrows. Don't ask why Edward's head is coming off. I'm thinking that James got to him in an alternate ending to the book/movie.

Just as the sun was beginning to cool down, we wandered into the pumpkin patch itself. Did I mention it is a working farm?? Note the size of their pumpkin patch. Huge.

Dusty, tired but not entirely too miserable, we were done. Here you go, I'm presenting our 2009 Pumpy-kins. This entire plucked fresh from the vine haul cost $21, by the way. Yes, really.

So with the sun setting, we made our way back home vowing to return next year.


All Things Daddy's Way.

One random Saturday, Ken took the kids and their bikes to our closest shopping center. They were having one of those Sidewalk Saturday Sales and were advertising fun things to do with kids.

Being a great hubs and daddy, he sent these pics from his iPhone. And I emailed him back - "Nice to have brunch with Daddy when it involves sprinkles, frosting and cookies."

So he made up for it by taking them to Port-O-Subs for an early lunch. And he replied back - "Sometimes Daddies do things differently from Mommies but in the end it turns out to have the same effect."

He even made sure that Bella had her "olibs". She loves olives with a passion.

And then they rode back home. Happy, tired and yes, having consumed a healthy meal albeit slightly backwards. Daddy's Way was not the same but yes, Ken was right the same effect was achieved.

Sometimes it's good to try something different. Hurry, try something different today.


All Things Hot Air.

This year's Great Reno Balloon Race was it's usual colorful cacophony of visual goodness. We woke up at 3:30 am in time for Dawn Patrol and yes, it was worth it. The heated balloons against the cold, black sky were incredible.

Yes, that is the moon above the lit balloon. It was very very early and for once not so very cold, at all.

For someone who rarely sees the colors of dawn without staying up all night, I was amazed at the sheer beauty of a sunrise. See the balloon in the far right hand horizon? Yes, that was one of the Dawn Patrol balloons. It drifted off due to some pretty high winds. But look at the beauty of nature unfolding? And no, I didn't Photpshop this at all. It is SOOC (straight out of camera) for my photography buffs.

Father and son. Need I add anything else?? Except that mhmm, Ken is checking ESPN scores. There has to be an update at what 6 am??

And look who came just for the fun?? Tante Lorraine. My BFF for way too many decades. We reunited for a weekend of fun, frolic and yes, a little writing. Very little. More chatting. Such good times for everyone.

Except for Bella. She hated the noise the balloons made and the "fire" scared her. So she spent most of the race under blankets in the little red wagon, looking like this -

And then she finally gave in to the inevitable. Notice the furrowed brow. That's my stubborn child, still hating every minute of it even in her sleep -

Over one hundred balloons and racers participated this year. Tony the Tiger was new -

And if you ask if we'll do it again next year, well, what do you think?? Heck ya.

Wishing you and uplifting moment. Go for it. Look up, up and away.