All Things Take A Leap.

Leap Year, Leap Year,
When will you be?
Every four years
Then you'll see.
You want more?
We do too!
How many more can you Leap to?

Love the new spring shoes at Nordstrom...I know they are not practical and I have absolutely ::NO:: place to wear them...but wouldn't it be fabulous to kick up these heels??? Glad there are no Nordys by me anymore...but wait, there's a Macys, a Dillards...hmmmm...makes a girl pause and think.

Wishing you a kicky, leap-y moment this weekend!


All Things Blue Skies Up Ahead.

From L to R starting at top row - Hello, Blizzard!, Whipping Storm Front Wind at Galena HS, Kata's scarf floating in the wind, Ken trying to pull the sled in spite of the wind gusts.

After last night's blizzard, we got the bright idea to head out and do some sledding...so we trucked up the hill to Galena Park...ooops...another snow storm was already on its way...so we turned around quickly and tried sledding behind Galena High School...ummmm...No Can Do...the wind was just gusting and blowing us all over creation...so we headed down back to our little neck of the woods....right behind Damonte Ranch High School...

There we were met with blue skies and rapidly melting snow...but we're Riggsbys (think Griswolds from the Chevy Chase "Vacation" movies) so we just forge on through the mud, rocks and er, yes, snow...

And then the wind caught up to us again...it would've been an awesome day for kite flying...we piled into the car...muddy, tired but exhilarated by our little excursion.

Wishing you a day of bracing yourself against the oncoming storm...by having a little fun with it.


All Things Blue and Gold and Twisted.

So somehow our darling Kata managed to twist her ankle...and good...she managed to actually cause it to swell...we've been icing it and letting her "rest"...she's enjoyed the pampering and being waited upon...like we didn't know we're raising a little princess...she even went to ballet class and received lots of praise for showing up and watching from the sidelines because they are in rehearsals for their big recital in June...it's hard being sidelined...

And Baka, right before she left for home, taught Kata how to use a loom...she's been dying to knit and crochet like her grandmother...note the patience when you're a grandparent...something I can hardly wait to experience...patience...as opposed to parental frustration of having just one more thing to do...::sigh::...I know my time will come.

Kata with her friend Annelle.

Then in the early evening we hopped on over to Alex's Cub Scout Blue and Gold Dinner...it's a big deal for the boys...and about 100 families attended...the theme again this year was a Hawaiian Luau...and the food was from L&L Hawaiian Barbecue...truly yummy food....

Bella's gearing up to eat Kahlua chicken, rice and her very favorite tempura shrimp...who knew?

Our kids chowed down like never before eating pulled pork, Kahlua chicken, rice and tempura shrimp...which will just make our Baka laugh because its like her favorite thing from Costco...the kids ate about 12 giant shrimps altogether...for our picky eaters it was quite a feat.

And then it was time for Alex to receive his Bear badge...as you can tell its a solemn occasion where the parent stands behind their scout for the big honor...it was super fun this year because his whole Den worked on completing the Bear achievements in time for the Blue and Gold Dinner...they decided to do so in September and they certainly met their goal.

Before we knew it, it was annual cake raffle time...well, this year...we decided to participate individually (last year the Den chipped in for one cake)...our entry was the volcano cake...you can see it in all its splendor below...

From R to L starting at top row - Volcano Cake, Spongebob Cake, Aquarium, Scuba Diver and our fun and fantastic table setting.

Before we knew it, it was our cake's turn...and wouldn't you know it, we had the second highest bid...$35, baby...beat out by the $40 Spongebob cake!!!! Woo-hoo!!!! And hey, get a load of our huge, superfantastic table decoration...courtesy of our friends...we had a giant inflatable palm tree...while everyone else had little paper creations or painted pineapples...that's Den 6 in a nutshell...a little kooky but fun.

And, well, the night ended as we walked out...to...six inches of bloody snow...SIX...thank goodness for 4-wheel drive...we made it home safe and sound...with images of volcanoes, luau food and giant inflatable palm trees still imprinted in our head...

Wishing you some tropical imagery in your wintery days...mahalo everyone!


All Things Hoop It Up.

Tonight Alex's team posted their first W...that's as in, win, baby!...and Alex actually...almost...made a basket himself...I am so proud of him...basketball is a natural extension of Ken's right arm...not so for Alex...he's worked so hard...it is his first season playing...and times are different...Ken and his buddies were all about hitting the hoops after school...these days with scheduled play dates and activities we don't do that at all.

Alex's eyes are visible as he steals the ball from the dude he was guarding.


So the little dude is doing his very best and his hard work paid off tonight...he did great on defense...and is really trying on the offense. It's sometimes hard to watch you children have to work hard for something...but its also so rewarding.

Because some of you have worried...the 6.0 earthquake yesterday was centered in a town called Wells, NV...which is truly far from us...northeast...we didn't feel a thing...but thank you so much for worrying about us...y'all know I love that we have so many friends and family members concerned about us...God bless you all.

Tomorrow we have the Cub Scout Blue and Gold Dinner...it's a big deal...the boys in our den will get to graduate to the next level of Cub Scouts...which means Alex will be a Webelos next year...that's short for "We'll Be Loyal Scouts." And it's the final step before he's a true Boy Scout...not just a little ol' Cub Scout.

So here's wishing you a little hoop-de-doo this weekend...a little moment to a shoot a basket or two...be they physical or philosophical. Wishing you a 3-pointer either way.


All Things Take A Deep Breath.

Baka came out to visit so I could heal in peace. But the boll weevils that are my children just can't let anyone have a moment of peace...God bless them...and my healing was truly and miraculously short and quick and full of those deep cleansing breaths...I can go on and on about how I should've, could've, would've done this operation sooner...honestly, not scary...very quick healing...and the benefits are tremendous...so if you should ever need one...in the words of the ol' goddess of sneakers, Nike...just do it.

The new, improved nose...no swelling, no bruising, no black eyes whatsoever...so worth it...

At last, I can join all of you in taking a deep breath and plunging into whatever my life's path holds...wish I had a map and a peek off in the distance...unfortunately, that's not possible so for now...just take a deep breath and enjoy a moment of peace and solitude even if its in the bathroom while brushing your teeth and trying to remember to floss.


All Things Roses Are Pink.

Roses are pink,
Our feet really stink,
We're running out of ink,
So we'll wish you a Happy Valentines Day, we think!

I couldn't resist re-tooling that old rhyme from elementary school...the kids had such fun posing for pictures...even Becksie behaved for the most part...

Wishing you a day filled with hearts, laughter and a little pink frosting.

All Things Don't Get Your Nose Bent Out of Shape.

Some of you may have heard...but, at least for the last three years, if not most of my life, I have had trouble just breathing...I've also had some nasty ol' sinus infections...so sometime last November I decided enough was truly enough and I went to a Ear, Nose and Throat doctor who was very recommended...and after a month of antibiotics and a CT scan...all he could see was a "severly deviated" septum...

So the good news is...I get to keep my 40-year old tonsils and adenoids...and my sinuses show no signs of blockage or scar tissue...but I can't breathe because the darn inside of my nose is literally bent out of shape...ah, some of you new the figurative could be literal.

On Tuesday at 1:45, I'm going to get the septum fixed once and for all...should be a short surgery...30-35 minutes...but it does require general anesthesia...which I don't wholeheartedly look forward to...I know all will go well...and in a week...which is the expected healing time...I will be able to take a deep, cleansing breath like I haven't been able to take for most of my life...

And no, there won't be any cosmetic surgery...although the laugh lines (HA! a misnomer) are deep enough to require something...I think I'll stick to just fixin' the innards of the ol' nasal passages.

Wishing you that deep, cleansing breath....right now.

Edited - I am feeling 100% better post surgery...once the yuckiness of anesthesia wears off I should feel 100 million % better... The doctor said my septum was thicker than expected and was completely blocking my left nasal passage...and for the record I have no swelling, no black eyes...just like the doctor promised...once the tube things come out...boy, will I take that deep, cleansing breath!!!

Thank you all for your prayers and positive thoughts on healing...without them this quick recovery would not be possible!!!!!

All Things Basketball and Ballet.

Alex's back is to the camera & he's number 2.

Our Saturday morning started off nice and early...at 7:45...that's in the a.m....we were at the Damonte Ranch High School gym...the smaller one...they have two...and a dance studio...and everything's air conditioned/heated...took me back to the gyms I sat in during Ken's Basketball Coaching days...where neither airconditioning or heat entered the picture...file under - Things I Learned From Being A Coach's Wife...always take the back row in the bleachers...you are never too young for back support.

So we settled in to watch Alex play against his BFF Ryan...After, two potty breaks for Bella...the game was over...

And Ryan's team won...20-18...it was close...the Mad Dogs were truly in it the whole time...dontcha love the name 8-9 year old boys come up with? The Mad Dogs...no more need be said on that subject.

And then...we were off across town...to Kata's Ballet Class at the Nevada Dance Academy. She started there in November when we switched studios to get her some more formalized training...and we have seen vast improvement...Ms. Diane runs a tight ship filled with pointed toes and finished moves...can you tell??

Bella anxiously awaits her turn for basketball, ballet and anything else the other two do.

Love how they all line up and keep their feet in the same position.

Ms. Diane corrects Kata's arabesque...point until you feel the stretch...

And then it was noon...and we retired to nap-time feeling like we accomplished so much...which, for once, we did.

Wishing you an afternoon of bouncing balls and graceful moves.


All Things Second Place.

So yes, I know its bragging...but its our blog...we got Second Place...who knew!!! It's our first year entering the Science Fair...so we know it's a total fluke...but woo-hoo!!!! Alex did work hard...and it helped that we have the month off...he's so proud...can you tell?? He was too embarrassed to pose in front of his project...the stinker!

But not Kata...she's already plotting her first ever Kindergarten Science Fair Project...we'll probably be the only one entering it...can you see her wheels spinning???

Wishing you a peaceful night full of possibilities...science projects or otherwise.

All Things Science.

Double Diamond Elementary School has their annual Science Fair always in February...the very month that Alex is tracked off...sigh...he has been dying to enter the Fair for the last few years...and finally this year...

We're leaving for the fair tonight...he's nervous about being judged...but..it' s just our first time...hey, when we dropped his chart and report off this morning there was a girl there setting hers up...and hers was about making electricity using lemons, appropriately titled...When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Electricity...that's one for my Dad!

Wishing you an A-ha! moment.


All Things Friday.

Mt. Rose...complete with visible ski runs...

Peavine...towards California...

Towards Virginia City...

The above pics are some views of the mountains we love...the snow's pretty much melted off the ground...except for the giant snowplow piles...but its still in the mountains...makes for pretty backdrop while you're drinking that morning cup of coffee...with the smell of toasting waffles in the air...and while I was enjoying the view...the girls decided to have Art Class...and Alex was playing some sort of game with his plastic animal toys...Alex Almighty.

From top left, clockwise - Kata's rendition of Flowers Playing Ball; a picture of her elephant, Gate; Bella's version of a scattergram?; Alex deep in play.

And then Kata created her masterpiece...a catepillar...with flowers to munch on.

Gotta love Fridays!!! We have a birthday party sleepover (for Alex), Basketball practice(again Alex), Ballet (Kata) and Sunday School (I'm teaching this week) on tap...oh yes, and for Ken a small thing called the Super Bowl...go Patriots...gotta be loyal to my "home" team...even tho' I don't follow the sport...sigh. Glad we have two TVs.