All Things Lessons Learned.

Life lessons I observed while watching Bella's First Ever Ballet Lesson -

  • Sometimes you'll need to be a follower. Remember to do your best.
  • Sometimes you'll need to be a leader. Remember to set a good example.

  • Always allow yourself to stretch beyond your current self imposed limitations.

  • Constructive criticism comes from a good place, so listen up and put aside that ego, just for a moment.

  • If an obstacle presents itself, sometimes it's best to go around it.
  • Always smile, you never know who's watching.

Our youngest is literally growing up by leaps and bounds. It's sometimes hard to watch. But always there's a lesson in it if I look hard enough.

Wishing you a life lesson today. Something positive and insightful so that it grounds you for just a day or two.


paris said...

Absolutely love the lessons.

katarinas mama said...

Thanks Paris!!!