All Things Work In Progress

I have not given up on the blog and truly hope to catch up by the end of the year...yes, yes, this year not 2013. But, I wanted to take a moment to all who still may follow this and say...Merry Christmas from all of us to you and yours.

Hope the new year brings you much peace, lots of creativity and always good health.


All Things Merry Christmas To All.

I'm hoping over the holidays to play a little catch up on our Family Blog!! But until then, we wish you a safe, warm, happy holiday and we're looking forward to an exciting and adventurous 2011!


All Things Pickle

Kata had to write about a Holiday Family Tradition. We have many, many traditions. But our very own was started with a Pickle Ornament I found at Tarjay.

I don't hang this ornament until late on Christmas Eve and the first kid to find it on Christmas morning gets to open their present first.

You can imagine the frenzy associated with the search. Here's a link to the origin of the tradition.


All Things Thankful

Love our traditions like Riggsby Blueberry pie for Thanksgiving. Can't let pumpkin pie be the runaway favorite. And family. We love having Baka and Djedo here to join us on this holiday and remind us of all the things that make us thankful this year.