All Things Dear Baka.

Baka is the Serbian word for grandmother...more correctly, its the diminutive form, i.e. granny.

We celebrated Baka's birthday with homemade cherry cake...and lots and lots of candles placed semi-securely by her grandchildren, wearing their grandfather's (Djedo's) South Beach Yacht Club matching shirts.

Bella made us all laugh when she proclaimed that it was "time to light the fire!" Yes, she meant the candles. She's just our little comedian.

Our Baka also got help with the blowing out process. And please note, Kata's being so good about wearing her patch to correct that lazy eye.

And for those of you who knew that I had a small biopsy last Wednesday (a spot that managed to invade my inner lower eyelid)...thank you for your prayers. The pathology results came in today...and the mole is just a benign freckle. God is good, indeed. For those that didn't know, my apologies...attacking my moles, spots and freckles is an ongoing battle after the discovery of my small melanoma last October. This one was troubling because of its location but I didn't want the blog to be about moles and melanoma. Just remember to wear sunscreen this summer...and don't skimp, please.

Wishing you all a moment when you are surrounded with love. We're enjoying ours, can't you tell?

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