All Things Don't Have A Cow.

So after a morning of donning on our birthday tutus and military hat (thanks Uncle Rick!), off we went in search of farms and cows...to Fallon...which is exactly 1 hour and 22 minutes away from our house...due East. We counted Wal-Mart trucks (5), FedEx trucks (3), UPS trucks (1) and USPS trucks (1) and unfortunately for me, Target trucks (0) . There were more but we didn't know the brands. You get the idea...::MAJOR:: truck route.

And then we reached our destination...Lattin Farms. An organic farm in the middle of seemingly nowhere. And we met Farmer John. And as Riggsby luck would have it, he's a retired biology teacher. So the kids got quite a lesson.

They learned all about a corn sheller.

We got a tour of their wagons.

Then we met the goats. And the poor, ol' mama goat was starving because she gave birth last Sunday to three (imagine that!) restless little billy goats. So we fed her lots and lots of weeds. And we found out that goats are the best natural weed control. They just went to town on them. Wish we could have a few goats here in Reno.

We saw the chickens.

And just for Bella there's a Moo Train that operates during Pumpkin Patch season, so, yes, we'll be back.

And then we went over to the produce that was just planted - lettuce, cabbage, carrots...Alex actually tried one as did Kata. Bella argued that they were better in the bag from the store.

And tomatoes. There are already some green ones growing. That caused Ken to dream of Uncle Frank's Fried Green Tomatoes. Gotta get the recipe from Frank one of these days.

Finally, Farmer John took us over to the raspberry fields and my, my, my....guess what we saw -
That's right a DAIRY!!! With the infamous black and white cows Bella wanted to see. So we walked amongst them (and scared them off).

And Bella cried because we couldn't take one home. As I mentioned in a previous post, we all saw that coming but here it is for real. "Bye-bye, my black and white cow!" she screamed in Daddy's ear.

We wound our way back to Reno in time to go see Kung Fu Panda. The kids loved it. I was lulled by the long car ride and the air conditioning in the theater and found myself dozing off in parts...between two potty breaks and a popcorn refill request. The man in front of me must've loved it when I "accidentally" kicked his seat 5 times while getting up and down for all the requests. Memo to me - Ken gets the aisle seat next time. And the movie you ask? It's a good kids movie but not one I'd seek out as a grown-up.

And with the strains of "Kung Fu Fighting" still ringing in our ears, we went back home for cake. For Bella, a Baskin Robbins white cake with Oreo ice cream...and Cinderella, who else?? A cow perhaps? Not on cakes. We like our Disney Princesses on those. Because sometimes we like things that are completely without rhyme or reason.

Candles. Make a wish.

And blow...with an assist from Big Sissy.

Frosting time!

Presents. Thank you Grandma Sandi for Fancy Nancy. She loves the book and the costume. Bella ::is:: Fancy Nancy. If any of you out there, have little girls who love to dress up...this book is for them!

We're dirt-filled, nap-deprived and completely and utterly sugared-up. Happy ::THREE:: to our baby girl!!!

Wishing you a moment just like that...full of dirt, frosting and a sleep. Sweet sleep.

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