All Things Scout Camp.

Do you remember your summer camp experiences? Well, we're pretty sure Alex will! For the second year in a row, Ken and Alex attended Cub Scout Day Camp and boy, did the boys have fun. This year's theme was Space. And our not-so-little, future aerospace engineer loved every minute of it (we'll blame both his Djedo and his godmother for the activation of that gene).

But, where else can you make your own space shuttle, shoot a gun and an arrow? Not in our house, that's for sure.

Or make your own rocket...that then takes off about 200-feet (Ken's approximation, so we know it's true) in the air?

More fun games were played...

A handy dandy bug vacuum and catcher was fashioned out of recycled materials...that'll come in handy for our annual ant invasion. Patent, I am certain, is pending right at this very moment.

And then it was time for the closing ceremony, which Alex led. Not pictured is the inside ceremony where he did the Pledge of Allegiance in front of about 300 people...nice and loud and clear, that's our first born.

My favorite part, you ask?? It was watching both of my boys get excited about scout stuff. Pretty cool. And oh yes, when my husband of almost 15 years received the Helper of the Day award. Now those are some fond memories in the making.

Wishing that you have a Helpful Moment today whether on the giving or receiving end.

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