All Things One Moo At A Time.

We love when happy things just trickle in...and today...the big brown truck stopped by our house one more time...and what did it drop off??

Why one more birthday present for Bella! Many thanks to Auntie Daphne for the beautiful black and white ballerina cow...it's so perfect. Bella loves purple (as does her Auntie Daphne) and is desperate to go into ballet lessons (hopefully in the Fall).

And as an added bonus, Dainty (again, the name on the tag that Kata read out loud...our little reader) plays a song when you press her tummy..."Music Box Dancer" what else??

I know, we can't believe it either!

Many thanks to all who sent us cards and well wishes for Bella's birthday!! Wishing you a day of pleasant, unplanned surprises!

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