All Things Big Girl.

It seems to me that in the summer, kids grow by leaps and bounds. And while its officially not summer yet, the growing has begun.

As of Memorial Day weekend, Bella is wearing big girl underwear, sleeping in her big girl bed and taking swim lessons all by herself. I am a little torn about the latter. I loved the Mommy and Me Swim Lessons. There was something comforting about just me and her in the warm pool water. For once, I could focus on just her and make her laugh and giggle and blow bubbles.

But now she's graduated to the next level. And Ken and I were busy the night before reminding her to listen to Coach Margie and sit and wait her turn and not drown...please remember the last one, Bella. Sit and be patient and don't go under water by yourself. We shouldn't have worried.

She sat and was patient. She didn't go underwater by herself. And most of all, she had fun.

And she listened to Coach Margie. And she tried on goggles for the first time...ever.

And she watched her Big Sissy (the pro) swim with her coach on the other side of the pool.

And she jumped in, with flair, when she was asked.

And she loved every minute of being a Big Girl, at last.

What's next? Graduate school??? I know, I know baby steps. A few more baby steps (okay, a ::TON:: more) and we will make it to graduate school.

Wishing you a day of baby steps and the time to appreciate just how much those are needed before the big paradigm shifts.

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