All Things Daddy.

Happy, happy Daddy's Day to all the daddies, grandfathers, djedos, uncles we know!!! Ours was a fairly quiet day...started off with a yummy breakfast...chocolate chip pancakes, bacon and strawberries.

Followed by presents and cards....

Our gift basket for Daddy included a sports book he's been eyeing...an Awesome Dad t-shirt (he has to get one a year or its not Father's Day)...his favorite candies and chips...and...(drum roll) a package of ear plugs...so he can enjoy reading in peace.

Kata worked long and hard on her card, illustrating all of us including the dog.

Alex drew an elaborate map and wrote his own poem. "Love is in the air, the stars shine brighter, the days are hot and beautiful, blossoms are blooming and Daddy's watching sports..." the next American poet, no doubt.

And Bella's simple hand print...of which she was, oh, so proud.

I finally put together a little mini scrapbook...(love my Bind It All machine)...full of fatherly quotes and pictures from the last two months...here are a few of the pages.

And then for those of you who wanted to see the craftiest creation I've ever made (yes, I am bragging now...but honestly, usually these things don't come out so nicely for me)...without a pattern, need I add....

A giant pincushion for the Cinderella mouse we love the most...Kata's prop is quite the talk of ballet class...many thanks to my friend Brandi for the suggestion of Styrofoam balls and dowels to make the pins...and the nice lady at Wal-Mart for her suggestion on the pattern...it takes a village to make a prop. Her ballet director pronounced that I am the new Prop Mistress...another thing to add to that stale resume of mine.

Many thanks to Uncle Rick who joined us at Chevy's for lunch...it was so good to see him. The kids just clammored all over him and barely let him eat. They were full of questions and demanding attention. His naval training comes in handy when he's dealing with our threesome!

Wishing you a quiet day full of reflective moments.

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