All Things Recital.

So we're a little bleary from last night's recital...it started at 7 pm (actually 7:20) and by the time we got all our things, headed home and tucked ourselves in...it was 1:15 am. Our kids have ::NEVER:: stayed up that late. But it was so worth it. Look at Grandma Sandi with Bella and Alex, all fashionably attired, need I add.

Kata was in a really good mood. Stayed backstage and played nicely with the other girls. It was the first time I saw what her preschool teachers told me about...she does play well with others. Wow, our little diva can do it. They waited their turn, playing with Polly Pockets, their Uno cards and eating their snacks.

And then it was their turn...I'll write less and just let the pictures do the talking. I know they're blurry...the darn mice move too fast for my lil' ol' camera and the low lighting of that big, ol' , very professional Grand Sierra Resort stage (click on the link and you'll see the set up...and then think of the place...packed with friends and family...there, you've got the image now).

And she executed the quick change from a mouse into a magic fairy with perfection...all by herself...and hit her mark on time. What a pro. It was as she kept mentioning her ::FOURTH:: recital after all. Pretty good for a 5 year old.

The big surprise of the night??? Uncle Ricky drove in from Fallon, where he's doing that Navy Thing again...and saw Kata in all her glory. What a guy to do that. Works hard. Defends our country. Drives one hour 10 minutes, one way, to see an amateur production. We just love him.

Wishing you a moment in the spotlight where you can perform like a pro. We're going to take a loooong nap today!


RR said...

It was sooo much fun seeing you and the kids. I only wish I could have stopped by on Sunday for a visit too!!

But alas, I ended up having to work about 4-5 hrs that afternoon... :(

Anyway, I'll see you guys again in Sept!


katarinas mama said...

you're ::THE:: best for having driven so far for such a little recital...she loves you all the more now!!!

Ladybug said...

Oh My so incredibly adorable! She makes mice look so darn cute! Your girls are absolutely adorable and you must be such the proud mama!! "I am giving her a standing ovation!"

katarinas mama said...

This was last year's recital...funny how time flies, eh?? Thanks, Cheryl for the comment as usual.

And for the standing ovation *blushes*. I did make that darn pin cushion. You couldn't miss her!! LOLz.

The mice costumes were cute. That's all Ms. Diane.