All Things Good Things Come.

Yesterday's lesson learned - good things come in packages and also when you wait.

Baka's and Djedo's birthday present for Bella arrived yesterday...well, they did also put something in her card which arrived on Friday...but for Bella, it's all about..."MY black and white cow!!!"...which she quickly named "Moo" because Kata read the attached tag to her. She's been dragging poor Moo around all day and she even gave the cow the sacred place of honor when she allowed it to sleep next to her, banishing poor old Pooh Bear to the bottom of her bed.

Alex's has been challenging as of late. Not sure if it's a growth spurt or if he's establishing new boundaries, but he seems to be testing the limits of manners and respect lately. Perhaps a preview of his teenage years. Perhaps just some end of school year angst. Who knows. But, he continues to do well in school. This year was the first eligible year for Honor Roll and he made it all three semesters. Usually, this kind of accomplishment comes with a little reward but due to his behavior at home, Ken and I decided to postpone it.

Well, two weeks later and he seems to be settling into the concept that our house is not a democracy but a semi-well run autocracy by two fairly benign dictators. And when I discovered that Sheplers (yes, the cowboy store...Disney is only carrying Indy merch in the theme parks because it is not a Disney film as some of us aficionados know!) had these little gems, I took him and his XL head to try one on. And then I bought him one.

For all his hard work at school and his newly found understanding of the parent-child relationship. He is a good kid.

Wishing you a moment where your good thing comes...just because you waited...it's so much sweeter that way, isn't it?

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