Al Things Pizza, Party and Papas.

Kata's last day at Sunflower Preschool was also the Pizza Party for Daddies (i.e. their Father's Day celebration)...and as I dropped her off the front yard of the school was crowded with well dressed dads, grandfathers and uncles...all waiting anxiously for the performance.

Much like Mother's Day Tea, Ms. Juanita, the storyteller, came and according to Ken "told a really funny story about being a father." As you can see, no details. He is a Daddy...so there's no time for details. And then the little ones all came out and sang "Happy Father's Day to You" and a cute little ditty about -

Who can fix my broken bike?

Who's strong hands can hold me tight?

When I need someone to make this right.

It's my dear old Dad.

And then she gave him his special box...a catch-all, for keys, change and his wallet. She was so proud. And so was he, as they finished their pizza slices while sitting on a playground structure under the shade.

We're off to the farm with Bella today. I promise to post pictures of our favorite Three Year Old tomorrow. Wishing you a proud moment today. We're definitely there...proud of Kata for finishing a milestone (i.e. preschool), proud of Bella for being potty trained and turning three and proud of Alex for his grades and persistence when things don't go his way...I know you have something to be proud of...please share it!

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