All Things Little Red Wagon.

This little red wagon was a gift Ken and I bought Alex for his second birthday. He's 9 now. It's lasted so well through street fairs, festivals, fireworks, Cub Scout camps, trick-or-treat excursions and most of all walks.

I do remember we spent a lot of time researching the purchase. Wood or plastic or metal. Traditional construction or the more sturdy kind. Perhaps it's the All Terrain Wheels Ken had to have. But, it's a sturdy little investment that we've enjoyed over and over again.

And we've rediscovered it this summer. The girls love the adventurous feel of it all. Kata thinks it feels like she's in an American Girl story. The dog loves the fact he can pace it. And Alex misses its somewhat bumpy ride. But, he gets to use his scooter now.

Wishing you a moment with a thing you love but have forgotten about. You'll instantly create new memories while reminiscing about old ones. Now, go and play.

And yes, Ken did tie the dog's leash to his belt loop...always thinking, that's my man. Can't you tell that he's pleased with his own ingenuity? If you click on the picture, you'll see that I'm not exaggerating. Now when will he fix that leaky faucet??

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