All Things Happiness Is.

Happiness is a sunset; it is there for all, but most of us
look the other way and lose it.
~Mark Twain

We've fallen into a happy, predictable rhythm of school and after-school events. We've gotten over the initial "shifting gears" frenzy. And it's not too hectic now so I am trying hard to stop and enjoy some of the little things that pass by in a blink of an eye, like sunsets.

This picture was taken from Alex's Room last night. The kid's missing out on some beautiful scenery. If I were him, I would just sit in his bed and stare out the large picture window. But then that's why I'm a mom and he's still a little boy who would rather play with his Star Wars Legos.

Wishing you a quiet, introspective moment today.


Tracy said...

What a beautiful picture! It made me realize that I don't stop to look at the beautiful scenery outside my windows nearly enough.

katarinas mama said...

Thanks mucho, TP...we have the most amazing sunsets out here. Still reeling from your news but thank you so much for sharing it so beautifully.