All Things Three Generations.

So here they are...ready to walk to school in the morning. Alex. Ken. Djedo. Becks. Quite the sight when you see them all lined up like that. Three generations deep. Three generations proud. Albeit different branches of that generational tree, but we are all tied together in a legal and binding contract so what does it matter?

Oh, and I know you've noticed, and don't want to ask. Ken and my Dad were ::NOT:: wearing matching outfits that day. It just seems they had on similar outfits. After all, great minds think alike. I am still chuckling when I see these pictures and contemplating how Kata and Bella like to dress alike and call themselves "June Sisters." It's due to the character in Disney's "Little Einsteins" who calls herself, you got it - June. I think they just like the way she looks. Maybe, that's what inspired our two dudes as well. Still chuckling over here.

But back to the three generations...and a dog...it was a nice ritual, Dad and Djedo walking Alex to school. I know that Alex will remember this in years to come. Pretty special moments.

Wishing you a pretty special moment so you can remember it down the road. Enjoy.

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