All Things Home Town Hero.

Ken, Alex and Bella went to a special autograph signing recently. Nick Fazekas, the University of Reno's All Time Leading Scorer was in town to help promote a new NBA development league team - the Big Horns. Alex was thrilled that Nick signed his Wolf Pack hat. He's been wearing it ever since.

Bella, on the other hand, wasn't sure what to make of the 6 ft 11in giant. But, she did look up from her fully stretched out, on tippy toes, 3 ft 2 in perspective, and give him a fist pump and a "Go Wolf Pack!" which made him laugh.

In his world, the LA Clippers just released him as an unrestricted free agent. In our world, that was a good thing because we got to meet him. We wish him all the best and thank him for being so nice to our kiddies. Good things will come his way, too - in the universal what-goes-around-comes-around theory.

Wishing you a moment to find a home town hero and thank him or her.

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