All Things Dear Djedo.

Here's a trivia quiz for you. What occurred on August 7th in the year that -

- All Quiet on the Western Front won the Academy Award for Best Film.
-Uruguay defeated Argentina in a 4-2 World Cup win.
-Unemployment soared to 8.9%.
-Cost of a First Class stamp was $0.02.
-Astronomers discovered the 9th planet, Pluto.

Why, my dad, the grandfather to all three of our children was born. Here's the most interesting fact for the gentleman, scientist, doctor who grew up to be my father: in the same year he was born Vannevar Bush (an electrical engineer and physicist who graduated from Tufts and MIT) built the first differential analyzer, i.e. the first analog computer. My dad and his engineer brain were brought into the world during that year that the computer entered our realm. It all makes sense now.

So "Happy Birthday" to a legend in our parts. He is the fixer of all things shattered, healer of all things broken (including scrapes and hearts), fact checker of every late night paper I've ever written and he continues to be the calm cool center of every emotional storm or outburst...our Djedo. Thank you for everything you've ever done for us, built for us, financed for us...we love you! Hope you enjoyed the cake. We sure did.

Now go hug your father or close relative for me. I know that you know how very vital they still are to you.

And just to make you laugh, here's a picture of a woman who dislikes pretty much all pets...yeah, right. Now go and watch the Olympics...hurry, the games are about to begin!

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