All Things Olympics Weary.

It was completely majestic when it started but now we're getting a little weary.

Perhaps it's all the tape delayed late evenings...I am so not used to staying up until midnight anymore.

Perhaps it's the kids saying, "Not the Olympics, again?" over and over.

Perhaps it's the fact that the Swimming, Diving and Gymnastics events are over and we've descended into the less exciting (for me) Track & Field, Basketball and Waterpolo (go Serbia!). Of course, Ken's in heaven but then he watches anything on ESPN that falls shy of the cheerleader exhibitions and those would interest me (go figure).

When weariness sets in we always decide to mix it up a little...so without further adieu...I present the Riggsby Olympics, Summer Edition...let the games begin -

The "Will This Pool Outlast Our Previously Set Record" Race - incidentally we're 6 for 6 in the pool count. Yes, 6 cheap, tacky pools in 6 years. This year, we went with the collapsible model with blow up edge instead of the full blow up version. Only a few weeks of summer left folks, so we may have a World Record here.

The "10M Dash Hurdle Into Pool Event" - Participants run around the backyard for approximately 10M and then hurdle themselves over the pool's edge. The object is to stick the landing with minimal splash. And as you can tell, our Gold Medal Winner (aided by the fact she is no longer wearing swim diapers) did just that and did it beautifully.

The "Water Gun Blaster Event" - The purpose of this water sport is to see how high or far your water gun will shoot. Past winners include Alex - hitting neighbor's kitchen window with hard water spray. The neighbors were home at the time making dinner. No injuries occured. Unfortunately, this year no new records were set due to Wind Aided conditions.

The Closing Ceremonies - the Closing Ceremonies this year includes a tepid bubble bath or warm shower for our sports weary athletes. Plenty of Johnson & Johnson products are given away along with many hugs and kisses.

We're almost at the end of the Olympics, folks. Wishing you a moment where you stick-with-it-even-if-you-don't-want-to.

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