All Things Apron Strings.

There's a great song by Everything But the Girl called, "Apron Strings." And as the days and months and years go by I realize that I, too, wish I could wrap all my children in my apron strings and keep them there forever.

I know you can hear it in my sigh - but - at some point as a mother you have to Let Go. So as I slowly unravel my apron strings and let Alex do Things By Himself, I do get a sense of satisfaction.

With our crazy schedule this year, I've been forced to let some things go - slowly. He's been going back and forth to school, by himself, for a few weeks now. Sure, I still drop him off but at the marsh not at the school gate. And here's the biggie - he comes home all by himself. No, I am not waiting for him at the edge of a nearby street corner. I wait at home with an unlocked door. Confident that he'll find his way in this world.

Given that the world is no longer the place I grew up in but a much darker, scarier place - this is a huge leap of faith for me.

Wishing you a moment where you untie an attached string and - let it go. It is very hard but also extremely satisfying.

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BookMomma said...


I'm in big fat denial.

But when I get over it I hope I can have a moment like this.