All Things Let the Games Begin.

Our morning started out with a re-enactment of the Parade of Nations. It wasn't quite the spectacle we viewed last night, which was adjective defying...our senses are still a little tipsy from all of the sights and sounds of the Opening Ceremony. But, we had to do our own version because we're that kind of family.

It was so much fun to watch it with my parents. They are the ones who instilled my love of the Olympics and for that, I thank them. Watching the best of the best from around the world competing in their sports is a satisfying experience. And of course so is the thought of peace for at least 17 days, sort of anyway. I loved the fact Bush and Putin were seated together. I was mortified that the Olympics generated its first tragedy this morning.

But we attempted our own version of colorful visualizations when the girls returned from a birthday party with some beautiful paintings on their arms. Quite a sight, aren't they?

And so proud of themselves...

It's all about the pageantry around our house right now. Wishing you a moment to view the Olympics and the back-stories of triumph over tragedy. Incredible stuff.

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