All Things Warm Toesies.

This is what are street looks like after snowfall after snowfall. It's pretty, if you're on the inside.

I mean, it's picture postcard perfect, isn't it?

But, let's face it, I'm all about keeping my toesies warm, so on a day when the temp was barely in the low double digits, I decided to drop the kids off in the Pull Through Lane at school. I had complete faith that they would figure out how to deliver themselves to their respective doors.

Imagine my surprise, when I noticed that Alex was walking Kata clear across the playground to her door. I mean, his door is really close to the fence and he walked by it. I was in shock as I watched him being gallant, escorting his little sister to her appropriate spot.

Maybe it's because in the days before Christmas, parents are supposed to catch their children doing something right. Maybe because all my comments about being a gentleman are sinking in. Maybe he just forgot and kept walking.

Either way, I got to see a milestone moment and hey, keep my toesies warm in the car. Wishing all of you warm toesie moments.


Mundie Moms said...

YOu know I don't feel bad for you at all right!?! I mean, I'd trade that in a heart beat. I love that view! I hope E is keeping you warm *dies laughing*

Michelle Zink said...

Aw! I LOVE moments like that!

I had one when my daughter was five and too scared to sing her rehearsed song, Broadway Baby, in the school talent show. Her then seven-year-old brother got up on stage with her and sang that song (like me MEANT it!) while holding her hand in front of all his friends - hand motions and all.


katarinas mama said...

LOL. You're not supposed to see this. I can only hope you'd live in that house across the way?? See the two story one in back?? It's similar to ours. And has a great view of Mt. Rose. We could holler over the fence. That may help my current tag line - #ihatewinterwithapassion.

katarinas mama said...

Michelle!! My above comment was for the MMs blogger *coughs*, KatieB.

Wow. I love that moment of "Broadway Baby" stagefright. That's such an awesome memory. Yeah. For all their moments of "She/He did it" and "Don't look/touch/repeat after me" - there are moments like this.

Thanks for commenting on my family blog. :)

Katie said...

HAHAHAHHAHAHA! *ow my sides from laughing*

You know even if we lived that close, we'd still talk on the phone for hours. I'd so move in there!! UGH. I need to get away. LOL

AND I'd so put my library in the room that faces the view of the mountain.

marye~ said...

Of course it's picture perfect, especially if you've been watching small animals float by in the torrential rains for the past oh, IDK, week and a half.
I do think Alex is the bestest big brother ever!
Now go and make everyone some hot chocolate and eat some of those yummy cookies for me!

katarinas mama said...

Oh, Marye, come on over for hot chocolate and cookies - any time!

Freeman Family said...

Oh, I love Alex!! Great posts!!

katarinas mama said...

Thanks Kathy!!! I miss our chats. :)