All Things Green Christmas.

Christmas Morning. Kata was the first one up and she's usually our last to rise.

She was quickly followed by Alex. Note the blue light coming through the windows. That's called "dawn". I'm usually not familiar with its lovely colorful tones because I don't greet it.

The kids were told they couldn't "touch anything". I'm sure that's a mantra repeated in many households on this particular morning. Of course in our house that phrase was followed by, "until Mama gets her coffee." You see, certain elves stayed up until 2:30 am or so it was rumored in our parts and they were very, very tired.

The Pickle Ornament was found. If you don't have a Pickle Ornament, it's just our way of deciding which child gets to open their present first. The Pickle Ornament is the last one placed on the tree by a very weary Mommy and Daddy before they go to bed on Christmas Eve. Look at Bella's expression? She's disappointed that she didn't find it. Don't feel too bad, she found it last year.

Oh, Santa remembered and brought the "black and white kitty". Yeah, we're glad it's not a real kitty.

And Alex got the Wolf Pack jersey he wanted. Kata got the Littlest Pet Shop toy she was coveting.

Can you tell from the blur of action that there was a lot of excitement??

And then...the BIG GIFT. Grandma Sandi generously bought us a Wii. WOW. There were shrill screams of excitement!!!

There is nothing like Christmas Morning which is mercifully followed by Christmas afternoon and that by definition contains a nap. At least it does at our house, for a couple of tired elves.

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