All Things Make the Best of It.

We had so much snow the first few weeks of December (because I'm writing this post in, yes, January) that these fantastic icicles formed just as the snow was starting to melt.

Alex decided to use his as what else?? A sword. Lightsaber. He is a boy, after all, weapons of mass destruction are inevitable conclusions for his thought patterns.

Kata went for the hey-it's-edible concept.

And Bella, well, she just had to be included.

It was also Kata's Birthday celebration in school. And look at how Mrs. Gipe commemorated it. I have to say I laughed because Mrs. Gipe informed me that Kata was "dying to show you the hat" and then look at the expression in the photo?? It's all "hurry Mommy, hurry, it's freezing out here".

Oh, yeah, make the best of it. Trust me, we try to every single day.

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