All Things Snowflakes, Indoors.

Nevada Dance Academy puts on only one recital a year and that's in the summer. But, Ms. Diane likes parents to see the progress their children have made by mid-year so a Holiday Show is held in one of the dance studios during their regularly scheduled class time.

And yes, Bella's class dressed like little snowflakes. They're the youngest and the cutest in their attempts to follow the student teachers and Ms. Diane. They're also, by far, the proudest.

Yes, I'm laughing all over again as I look at these.

You got to love when the only boy in the class takes it all in stride (literally), rolled up tongue in full view. Take that all you fluffy, pinkalicious girls.

Kata's class is next and they're quite the pros by now. Most of them, by the ripe old age of seven or eight, have about four years of dance under their belts. Kata is second from the right.

I almost didn't recognize her as she came out in her toy soldier outfit. So poised and tall, all of a sudden. She's second from the left below, right next to the student teacher.

Ms. Diane has a fabulous Birthday Tradition. Here's Kata seated in the middle while everyone skips around her and sings "Happy Birthday". Note how nicely posed her legs are...nothing like being one of Ms. Diane's girls. You learn to sit properly. Let's see if that holds during her teenage years.

And then everyone dog-piles on top of the Birthday Girl. Because it's not all about being formal, every minute of the day.

Can't deny the goofy, happy grin.

Wishing you all a dog-pile hug moment today. Nothing quite like it.


Katie said...

If only we lived closer together, our girls could be in dance together! Great pictures for Dec. I so need to update our blog. lol

katarinas mama said...

It's "THE" dance studio in Reno. Trust me, I had to research it. LOL. Yes, your DD would start next September and then you could sit with me in the Lobby and er, read.