All Things Dear Santa.

It was time for Holiday Open House at Sunflower Preschool. And I have to admit that this and their wonderful Mother's Day Teas are my very favorite moments at Sunflower.

Bella's class wrote their letters to Santa. And the teachers transcribe exactly what the children say...yes, none of us missed the "today" at the end of Bella's letter. Sometimes, it's good to make short-term goals.

We stopped in right before the girls' ballet classes. Nothing like sugary snacks for breakfast to get their energy levels up.

Oh, and guess who was there? None other than Santa. I'll just bet he read every single one of those letters.

Santa always brings Jingles the Elf. She makes the most wonderful balloons. Including candy cane ones.

It wasn't until we left that I realized this will be our very last Holiday Open House at preschool. Another milestone accomplished. Now, off to make more short-term goals!

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