All Things Big Sister.

"Having a sister is like having a best friend you can't get rid of. You know whatever you do, they'll still be there. " ~Amy Li

As an Only Child Mom who watches her children interact with each other every day, I find myself assisting in the negotiations of hourly battles and I have to admit that yes, I do grow tired of proposing treaty suggestions. But then there are moments like these, where I get a glimpse of what it would've been like to have a sister or a brother and I have to admit I get a little envious.

Kata's First Grade class was having a Polar Express Slumber Party at school and their super sweet teacher, Mrs. Gipe, suggested I come and help and oh, yes bring Bella along.

I was worried that Bella wouldn't behave. She is only four and a half years old but in her second year of preschool so she knows of at least some School Rules, right? Right.

I shouldn't have been stressed, Bella behaved beautifully, waiting her turn and watching patiently how all the other kids behaved. She fit right in. Kata assisted her whenever possible; showing her how to do things like, oh, make an ice cream cone into a frosting glazed candy tree.

It's these tiny little moments filled with wonder that I really need to pause and freeze in my mind when I'm telling them for the umpteenth time to "please, please, for the love of everything, put away your toys".

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