All Things Party On.

As most of you know, our middle child was born on New Year's Eve. While we love the celebratory nature of our Party Girl, it's always a little tricky to schedule her actual party with all the other holiday events not to mention school break.

This year she wanted nothing more than a party at Ballocity. See that structure? That's it. That is Ballocity. It's a great place for kids to burn up excess energy especially in winter time.

She wanted a Coraline cake but settled graciously for a Tinker Bell one. I mean, can there be any more butter cream goodness??

And the grand moment. She was seven. Well, not officially.

See this little boy? He apparently has a crush on our Kata. This is what first love should be like. All smiles. No touching.

She got the chance to go into the Wind Machine and Kata, being Kata, grabbed all the coupons she could. Note Bella's wonder-filled smile.

And more of Bella's smiling self. Yes, I know, she's laying plans right now for her own 7th Birthday. Let's see if we can make it to her 5th, first.

Present time. Look at the big brothers (Alex and his friend, Ethan, upper right hand corner) glancing over everything. No doubt plotting what toys they could take over.

I've decided to go through all of our December posts in, that's right, January. It's the only way I can catch up. So thank you for bearing with me and this process. Now go out and enjoy your day and hey, add a little butter cream to it. That will only sweeten the moment, trust me.

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